Eugene P. Mikolutsky died at the scene of numerous injuries

"Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1927 has placed an announcement: "Management of the telephone network from 21 June 1927 to provide subscribers with a new service -" service subscribers who are absent. "Subscriber who left the apartment, report the matter to the station and calls time when he returns, or a place where it can be found. This information station notifies those callers who is absent. 1st time duration services shrink on 6:00 (per order) for a fee of 5 kopecks. per hour with a minimum of 10 kopecks. . "
On the adoption of the latest Soviet Constitution "Evening Minsk" in 1977, wrote: "The historical event comes today biography in the country. And it is symbolic that beautiful event happened very recently and majestic light prazdnichka Russian people — the anniversary of October stateliness. In mandates that have risen in the Kremlin for the Constitution of the USSR, as if seen flare metal that burns in Martin, could be heard resounding song bamavskih rails, poured odor of ears of corn. Now all citizens of the Land of Soviets they say: "Yes, it is our Constitution. We vote — for!"
"Narodnaya Volya"At 1997 reports about the murder in Mogilev Mikolutskogo Eugene "Eugene P. Mikolutsky died at the scene of numerous injuries. widow killed received severe injuries and taken to the intensive care unit … In the first half of a day or two in there mon version and background explosion. figured bomb directed acts but with all this mentioned th artillery shell in 1903, which are preserved in the apartment. tragedy spetsy interpreted as twofold: either as murder or as an act of terrorism. "

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