European March should go to the square of the Academy Bangalore

Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the "Euro march" Viktor Ivashkevich city authorities announced the decision during a press conference. Procession from the Academy allowed to Bangalore Square.
Organizers of the action plan on October 14 at 14 hours to gather on October Square and from there go to the prospectus Skarina structure of the State Library. The authorities did not agree to the stated option and offered another route.

Organizers of the "Euro march" said at a press conference, that althought maintain a peaceful disposition campaign that — to inform the public about the 12 criteria of the European Parliament to the Belarusian authorities.
Says Alexander Milinkevich:
"For us, very principle, so it was not against the march. For Europe, for the European way. Because most people come to October Square, because power is not warned in advance.
We have also come and go quietly to Academy. On the way to join us committed people. From the Academy will go to Bangalore.
Incidentally, I read that I do not want to go Bangalore, as a humiliation us. But there are some incidents when I clenched teeth go, because at Bangalore can be made by representatives of the European Union. There and only there, since the rally they will not go. Us their performance is very important. "

Viktor Ivashkevich told that at a meeting with bureaucrats Mingorispolkom him were that correspondents expect BT and ONT, but later reversed its decision. Disk imaging on an opposition campaign official media will not distribute.
Committee Chairman Viktor Ivashkevich said:
"Due to the fact that the Minsk city executive committee and even refuses to distribute information on their covers the same decision, I feel responsible to inform the people of Minsk Executive Committee decision.
Because individually take up solutions coupled Mingorispolkom, pamphlets EU that the European Union can give Belarus, and go to the Globe institutions, factories, Minsk city executive committee, that his staff learned about their own same decision. "

Representatives of the European Parliament expressed support for the action. Monitor the progress of the "Euro march" will be ambassadors of the EU and the U.S., as parliamentarians, who have applied for visas to Belarusian Foreign Ministry.
Joint favorite civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko remembered that with the approaching date of march more detained pro-democracy activists. Frequent searches and calls to the KGB.
Policemen detain circulation newspaper "Comrade" with information about the "European march". Do Young people inspect the streets and take things stickers and European symbols.
Organizers said that even the arrest of all the members of the organizing committee and favorites parties and movements will not affect the role in the shares of other activists of the democratic public.

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