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Belarusian swamp better resorts in Turkey
If express language of official documents, auto trial — this competition on technique and speed control all-wheel drive passenger cars over rough terrain and overcome natural or artificial obstacles.
In Belarus, professor and amateur level in their SUVs rework machine Tial about hundreds of drivers. One of the coordinators of the Belarusian steps jeep trial Daniel Dolmatov knows "tryyalshchyki" — people really typical:
"Yes, people are building themselves do. Who’s that as they say, capable of. All this is very expensive, and the machines cost a lot of money. And in order to prepare them for the race, additional investments.
If you take separate crews, then they do not have any sponsors or anyone who financed competition. Who is richer — hires masters, gives the car, so he prepared it. Who has less money, then completes his hands and prepares the car. At the same time, often lasts for years refitting machines.
In other words, in a good sense, these people possessed who get pleasure from it. And are willing to pay for the pleasure — not only the means, and broken machines, because without this in any way. And if someone chooses to go to relax in the warm countries, the fans off-road competitions and huge machines purchased puddles gryazyuka, swamps and of "getting high". Maybe even more than the people who move in Egipet, Turkey relax etc. "
In Belarus, the first cup in the jeep trial took place 5 years ago. Since then, the competition is held under the scheme, which is not practiced abroad. In the first day — the conquest of off-road, in the second — a sprint competition on speed. In adjacent countries other formats: or jeep trial or rally sprint. But, according to my interlocutor, not only specific programm until lures in Belarus foreign athletes:
"As for the participants, we have virtually no one except the Russians and no one crew from Moscow arrives. They probably are not very curious to compete with us in the sense that the skill level (but better to say — the level of funding) here are much lower than in Russia or Ukraine. There are many cars made by heads higher than ours.
But if you take a crowd of fans, then enough of them constantly. Despite the fact that in the first day, for example, in Mogilev, the rain came, people all the same stood with umbrellas and watched the discipline. During the second day had come even more, the feeling was people tyschami walked. "
Prahodnasts "goat" — residents of the country of the rising sun to the envy
Over 5 years of jeep trial in Belarus record number of participants registered in This year the competition in Gomel. To start out by Prof. 35 crews. Overall, the lighter-route competition is going to 70 amateur crews. But the total number of only a dozen vehicles comply with regulatory requirements and the International Federation of cars can participate in international competitions. As the Daniel Dolmatov, bringing the car to the mind — literally very precious pleasure:
"Should the man himself to make its own budget, to which he is ready. There are guys who buy old GAZ-69 — a machine can be purchased at around 1 thousand dollars (true, and a corresponding status is in it). But by applying their abilities, skills in costly process of preparing it will not do. Consider the minimum — even more bucks five hundredth
So makarom, of what can be start — is 1.5 thousand. Can an old "Niva" buy ready-made, vsepolnotsenno ride. It also costs about a thousand. And then everything is depending on the abilities of each participant. After Prof. springs on a car worth 20 thousand dollars. Decent pants, helmet (all of which also need to competition rules) — Calculation is also tyschami bucks. But, again, it is possible to purchase and to use the last option, or Russian origin. It will be easy, but it is pants, and it will cost 100-200 dollars. "
Whose base jeeps may be springboard to, to begin to develop off-road? Daniel Dolmatov states that as a base, you can even take an old Russian "goat":
"Here everything is quite difficult. Say, for higher speed disciplines suitable" Mitsubishi Pajero ", very fine sovladevaet. In overcoming terrain for" trophy "-" SUV Urengler "proved to be excellent. Good" Suzuki Samurai. "And the most unusual , sovladevaet difficulties and Russian-starychok car "GAZ-69." By the way, there are participants in the midst of the machine in 1978, and most unusual, they come to the track much better than foreign cars.
On what basis? Here, preference should find each owner or someone who has some machine fraction of the competition. Sam makes a choice. Of at least some of the car can make a unique Jeep ".
Follow the current and the last step is scheduled for November. Place competition elected Bobruisk, where hitherto steps have not yet been conducted. Until now it was thought that the most appropriate for the trial runs are in Mogilev, Gomel and Brest.

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