Extreme sports in extreme weather» and

The tournament consisted of Trials competition, which need not speed, and skill of the pilot and the navigator, and the Pursuit. Knows one of the competitors:
"Carousel race but a trial, as we know, although they are different disciplines, but it is one of the types of motorsport. And then there is the trophy, but the trophy brings more harm to the environment, because it is necessary to carefully think about. But it is very exciting. Occasionally more cars come to participate in the trophy since less cooked machines can participate, so more people can come to rest, and not just for the sport. "
On This time at the start came 28 crews in three categories — rather short sports, hobbies and sports longish. To finish second came a day or 22 cars. Of the eight sections were covered in Trial 5. Due to rainy weather even evacuation "KamAZ" could not be removed from the pit. Sunday started the race in four races on the nine circles of a mile long.
If earlier in the jeep trial in Belarus participated crews from Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia and Germany, but now only one crew comes from Russia. He word:
"I I think that thist quite young in sport our country, develops slowly and not very fast. I do not know what role the organization perceives National Olympic Committee, but participating teams, unfortunately, do not have their own sponsors, because most of the costs they generate from their own equity.
Belarusians all very rich, but Actually Belarusians are simply not enough funds. When crews come from Russia or in Ukraine, with a budget machine from 50 000 dollars, they ask: "What are you driving at such tires? She’s ancient, will go bad, for example, in the mud …" And our guys- Kulibins answer: "So dear same tires …"
1st place took crews from Rechitsy, Minsk and Gomel. In November last held in Bobruisk, fifth step jeep trial and closing ceremony and awarding favorites.
The only ladies crew
Favorites in the category of long vehicles, crew number 69 from Gomel
In fact, according to the documents it GAZ-69. These make them in Borisov
Tow …
Poignant moments of the race
View tracks
Extreme Belarusian motorists, 8.10.2007

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