September 27 U.S. Department of Defense stated that formed two regular contract with Lockheed Martin for the acquisition of 71 F-35 fighter in the amount of 7.8 billion dollars, the price of which has declined substantially, reports agency Reuters.

The sixth game of 36 fighters price has 4.4 billion dollars, the second agreement contains 35 aircraft at the cost of $ 3.4 billion cost of the 1st aircraft second consignment will reach 103 million, and that of the same parameter fighter seventh installment fall up to $ 98 million This is the first time when the price of the F-35 will be lower than $ 100 million in this price not cut the price of the motor manufacturing company Pratt & Whitney, which is purchased under a separate contract.

In total, the Pentagon forecast that 392 billion dollars extra expense for the purchase of 2,443 F-35 fighters of all 3 versions for the substitution of F-16, F-15, F/A-18 and other aircraft, was the Air Force, Navy and Corps Marines.

The program for a couple of years behind schedule, the price has increased by approximately 70% from the initial estimate, but U.S. officials said last week that the current time programm shows progress in flight tests, reduced price scale production and long-term operating costs.

Purpose applets F-35 is the final price drop to the level of fighters fourth generation. In the program of creation of F-35, not counting the United States, participate 8 more states — Britain, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. Orders positioned as Israel and Japan, they may join South Korea, which has refused to purchase the F-15 Silent Eagle.

The main contractors are Lockheed Martin Northrop Grumman Corp (NOC.N) and the British BAE Systems Plc (BAES.L).

The Pentagon said that the cost of 1 F-35B for the seventh installment of the U.S. Marine Corps will fall to 104 million dollars compared with 109 million a plane second party. Price deck variant F-35C for the Navy will fall from 120 million to 116 million, the Pentagon and the company manufacturer will make equal Shreds rising costs that may arise in the implementation of the desired configuration of the aircraft structure.

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