F-35A performed the first combat missile launches AMRAAM

F-35A performed the first combat missile launches AMRAAM
Fighter F-35A Joint Strike Fighter completed the first guided missile combat launch AIM-120 AMRAAM class «air-air» medium-range flightglobal.com reports quoting the press release of the company Lockheed Martin.

The plane was piloted by Air Force Captain Logan Lamping (Logan Lamping), launch rockets at an air target was held at a military firing range off the coast of California. Target was found detectors aircraft information was passed on board the rocket, curb active radar seeker. Missile was launched from the inner compartment seeker grabbed a goal then defected to SD «perehvatny flight profile.» A moment before hitting the target missile received signal to self-destruct, the target has been retained for the following tests.

«The successful launch of the rocket was the first live-fire and a demonstration of the ability of the original F-35 as a fighter air combat. This test was the culmination of many years of collaboration and government contractors, «says managing applets tests gun F-35 Charlie Wagner (Charlie Wagner).

The launch was carried out on the second day after a successful reset ASD laser guided on board F-35B fighter to defeat following a ground target.

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