Fifth-generation fighter T-50 has successfully passed an important test phase — video

Fifth-generation fighter T-50 has successfully passed an important test phase - video
In the Russian army ended the first step test multipurpose fighter of the 5th generation. Behind years of research and hundreds of flights. Hitherto, many of the properties of T-50 still lurking. Designers as they say, is not a mystery just what our plane on the main characteristics of better zabugornyh analogues. Moreover, he has eclipsed even the expectations of their own developers.

First memory was not so planes can not fly. But when driving supernova fighter T-50 experienced pilots doing aerobatics, it becomes clear: can, how.

Modern combat vehicles will never be the same. Now it is a fighter and attack aircraft and bomber that can do all the puzzle. In the sky plane fifth generation. This means he is «invisible» (In other words, invisible to enemy radar), is the most high-spirited (the highest rate of more than 2.5 thousand kilometers per hour) means the artificial intelligence (he thinks and performs operations that previously had to petition the pilot).

«In other words, the pilot took off, threw the pen, not even including the automatic mode — the plane still does not go down, the plane smoothly switches to horizontal flight. Although the aircraft will drop down tail, pilot warn about it, «- said the test pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation Sergey Bogdan.

And even if something happens to the pilot during the task, the fighter can without the help of others to return to the base and even to make a landing. This airplane pilots generally provide almost all «on a silver platter.» For example, the system automatically determine the target.

Sheathing fighter — like a living organism. It responds to all that is happening around due to special transceiver elements. They practically sewn into the body of a fighter. It is also called «smart trim.»

Before the emergence of the T-50 the most advanced aircraft fifth generation, the number South American F-22 Raptor. Russian fighter but now avoids it outright on several characteristics: it can reach speeds of 500 km per hour, he is easier, and can fly further. But most importantly, of course, nestled inside.

A couple of years hidden test PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical aviation, so this is also called a fighting machine) made more than 500 sorties. Constructors sum up the first step of testing and they say with confidence: normal flight.

«We were hoping, of course, to get a certain level, and I believe that with this task at the first step we coped. For a number of features we got the best results than planned. For example, we got a very excellent properties at supersonic cruise speed at superagility » — Told the first deputy director of the Design Research Scientific Center, the first deputy head designer of «Sukhoi» Misha Sagittarius.

All of this in almost all due to the design: malehankih tail, no angles between surfaces. A gun will position in the interior compartments: so air resistance during maneuvers less, and find the plane due to the special coating difficult.

«We got hold of the opportunity to respond to any danger that may occur from our potential enemies. Who in the world are complexes fifth generation in the United States. Our complex nor in what will not concede, and will surpass zabugornye counterparts. This gives us confidence in the next day, «- said the president of JSC» United Aircraft Company » Misha Pogosyan.

Cab one to one, as in T-50. In a special center pilots undergo additional training before you get behind the wheel of the new fighter. Even catapult system and access — a science. Pilot weight, speed — all this allows the computer and allows you to safely evacuate the pilot.

Have already passed the test of 4 handsome T-50. By the end of next year experience. By 2015, the plan to put into mass production.

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