Fighter pilot T-50 is not terrible oxygen starvation

Fighter pilot T-50 is not terrible oxygen starvation
Russian fighter fifth generation «Sukhoi T-50» equipped anlimitnoy oxygen system in the mask pilot. He needed to fly at altitudes above 4 km — without oxygen pilot begins to «sleep» and loses consciousness.
In all existing Russian combatant aircraft oxygen is supplied from cylinders, which are completed at some point.
In the T-50 from the air it produces a special system developed by Research and Production Enterprise «Zvezda».
This in an article of the newspaper «Izvestia» write Correspondent Alexei Mikhailov and Victor Sokyrko.
«Oxygen is produced here from the air, the system takes it out of the compressor motor and delivers the breathing mask pilot. The flight is no longer depending on the supplies of oxygen, and the pilot can fly with multiple refueling, unlike existing aircraft, where the pilot must look all the time, not over whether he has previously oxygen than fuel «, — told reporters,» Izvestiya »Home Special SPE» Star «Misha Angelica. According to him, apart from an unlimited amount of oxygen system allows to save payload combat vehicle — the entire installation for production of oxygen weighs around 30 kg, whereas the oxygen cylinders on a two hour flight — 90 kg. «Mostly it is crucial for the fighter planes, where there is always a lack of space and weight and where to store up oxygen in large quantities, as a huge bombers, it is impossible», — explained M. Angelica.

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