Financial Times: Gazprom sent a signal to the future Government of Ukraine

"Financial Times" draws attention, warning that "Gazprom" appeared when the counting of votes at elections approached premature end and it became clear that the coalition of pro-Western forces overpowered and Yulia Tymoshenko has a chance to again become prime minister.
Expected — says "Financial Times", — the return of Mrs. Tymoshenko cause tensions with Moscow. Tymoshenko campaign promised to deal with the "corrupt and opaque role of intermediary companies in the multi-billion dollar gas trade between Turkmenistan, Russia and Ukraine."
Now, after coming to power, Tymoshenko’s government owed would pay for the debts of the pro-Moscow government of Viktor Yanukovych. In an interview with "Financial Times" Yulia Tymoshenko said that shemakes all likely to gas supplies to Ukraine were not reduced, but together with those urged not to forget that the policy specifically Yanukovych caused such difficulties.
"Gazprom" rejects accusations of politically targeted prevention Ukraine. Yet "Financial Times" outlook leads analyst Kavshyka Rudra, who believes that the prevention of "Gazprom" — a signal of future government of Ukraine, they say, if Tymoshenko becomes prime minister — expect problems in relations with Russia.
The European Commission has urged both parties to find a settlement frisky this difficulty. By the way, all of the gas supplied to Ukraine from Russia, for previously purchased in Turkmenistan.

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