Flights Su-35s at the air show in Le Bourget, inspired the famous Italian restaurateur to create a new dessert

Flights Su-35s at the air show in Le Bourget, inspired the famous Italian restaurateur to create a new dessert
Demo flight of Su-35s to International Airshow «Le Bourget 2013» produced by the famous Italian restaurateur Federico Ceretto such a strong impression that he made a new dessert. This is — a light airy ice cream, in which Russian vodka fortress shaded colorful notes of raspberries and blackberries. «Classroom Connect power machines and extraordinary lightness of flight prompted me to create new dishes with the same combination,» he said in the capital held in the restaurant «Ceretto» press conference. Was held here and tasting culinary trends that Mr. Ceretto ordained opens in late August in Zhukovsky air show «MAKS-2013», where the company «Sukhoi» will showcase its latest developments in the field of military aviation — Su-35s, the aircraft fifth-generation PAK FA and frontline bomber Su-34.

Federico Ceretto is one of the most famous Italian dynasties restaurateurs and winemakers. Chain restaurants «Ceretto» assigned Culinary Academy — three Michelin stars.

Su-35S has already demonstrated at MAKS. Premiere flight programs from its role held here in 2009. «Le Bourget 2013» became the first zabugornye air show where this functional fighter showed his unique flying characteristics. Su-35s piloted honored test pilot Russian Federation, Hero of the Russian Federation Sergey Bogdan. Members and guests of the exhibition of achievements naikrupneyshim global aviation industry have seen such complex and spectacular aerobatics as spatial barrels, somersaults, thin corkscrew known «Pugachev’s Cobra».

Su-35S deeply modernized functional maneuverable fighter of «4 + +». Technologies used 5th generation provide it an advantage over similar class fighters. The aircraft has significantly best aircraft performance characteristics in comparison with standing armed machines peers and more than perfect avionics. Properties aircraft surpass all European tactical fighters generation 4 and 4 + Rafale and Eurofighter type 2000, upgraded South American fighter type F-15, F-16 and F-18 and Su-35S allow successfully counteract fighters fifth generation F-35 and F -22A. This aircraft, namely, is the most high-speed (2400 km / h at an altitude of 11 km) fighter, he has a highest thrust, it has almost doubled the advantage before the modern French (Rafale) and Swedish (Gripen) fighters in flight range (without attachments tanks — 3600 km). The plane Gripen NG — only one engine, in other words the smallest combat survivability and reliability. South American F/A-18 fighter inferior Russian fighter Su-35s in high-altitude flight.

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