For the F-22 in the United States will create a new concept of use

For the F-22 in the United States will create a new concept of use
U.S. Air Force developed innovative implementation strategy combat squadrons consisting only of stealth fighters 5th generation F-22 «Raptor» (Raptor). On this weekly said, «Jane’s Defence Weekly.»
The basic tactical unit within the latest strategy is a small group of F-22, which is meant to be used napravleniynaneseniya sudden blow to the designated target. Presumably, the continuous cycle of this battle group will be 72 hours and will include the conduct of hostilities, spirited refueling, replenishment of ammunition, and a change in position. This list features the latest strategy from the ordinary, which implies the implementation of huge fighter air groups acting with a limited number of airfields.

The advantage of a new way of introducing fighters is that it increases the level of surprise, tactical flexibility and pace of warfare. Immediately a new way, according to military experts, will allow supply to facilitate solution of puzzles, because it does not ask for preparatory organize fighter squadrons and maintenance units at the airbase. New tactical unit consists of four F-22 fighters, 1st military transport aircraft C-17 «Globemaster III» (Globemaster III) and specially prepared to solve the aforementioned problems attendants.

During the development of the latest strategy assumed the role of the military, as being on a real service, and dismissed in supplies. Testing the latest strategy accomplished October 9, when the flight tests were conducted with the defeat of the intended purpose in the Atlantic Ocean. During the tests the F-22 group stormed the goal with a sudden direction proparhav actually over the North Pole.

Air Force representatives report that brand new strategy has already been applied in a number of air bases.

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