Foreign media: Denmark prioritizes use program FRP

Foreign media: Denmark prioritizes use program FRP
The Government of Denmark will search the midst of bidders in the program by substitution fighter and just look for a high-quality long-term creation, the defense minister said Denmark Nicolai Wammen.
He changed Nick Haekkerup after a cabinet reshuffle coalition government toring Schmidt August 9, 2013.
On it informs edition DefenseNews.

Creation of new jobs will be considered and approved by the Government of Denmark, when the final selection is made for the substitution of obsolete Air Force fighter Danish F-16 to mid-2015
The Danish Government, which hopes to use FRP (Fighter Replacement Program — The program for the substitution of fighters) as a mechanism for significant investment in the economy, which weakened the global financial crisis and instability.
This impacted the creation of new jobs and procurement policies consumers stated N. Wammen. In addition, FRP will be used to support sustainable growing ability to export small defense industry of the country.
All four candidates will be informed and aware of our decision and the relevant requirements. If it does not provide new jobs in Denmark, then we will not take this aircraft candidate. And it will be made quite clear, the statement said N. Wammy.
Bidding contain a number of companies:
Boeing’s F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II
Joint Strike Fighter, Saab’s Gripen-DK NG
Cassidian’s Eurofighter Typhoon
Denmark finds out for the start of production operation of the F-16 by 2020. Denmark expects to acquire 24 to 30 new fighters for a total amount of $ 5.5 billion final decision on the number of aircraft to be purchased, it will be clear for 6 months ahead.
Judging by the great Danish finansovlozheniyam country, all applicants will have to give a real picture of jobs, said N. Wammen.
Foreign media: Denmark prioritizes use program FRP

The auction company participates Boeing’s F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Defense industry told the government about possible bidders. But industry executives wish the Government to provide any future agreements with suppliers and provided a 100% guarantee.
«We are talking about the greatest benefit of industry and the national economy of Denmark» — said Ian Falk Schmidt, CEO of the missile system and supplier of Russian missiles. It shall be the current cycle of powerful protection systems and services.
This is the necessary conditions for candidates manufacturers. Danish government is necessary to achieve a 100% guarantee of compliance with these criteria. This will allow to focus on value added contracts and creation of new jobs.
Foreign media: Denmark prioritizes use program FRP

The auction participates Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II

«Only time will tell how serious and how the Danish government refers to the creation of new jobs associated with the implementation of programs from FRP» — Said military analyst Jens Ringsmos.
«In other judgments the government wants to preserve a political alliance with the U.S. and this may play a decisive role in choosing a new standard fighter for substitution,» — he added.
«It is reported that the creation of new jobs will be significant parameter in the bulk purchase and will allow escape from the circumstances and explanations other finansovlozheny. This is an informed decision, and it is more fundamentally than an alliance with NATO and the United States «- said I. Ringsmos.
«Despite the fact that the competitiveness of the participants FRP pretty tough job that applets should proceed on the basis of equality and justice» — said Elena Espersen, the Danish representative of the opposition party Limited.
Foreign media: Denmark prioritizes use program FRP

The auction also will accept the role of the company Joint Strike Fighter, Saab’s Gripen-DK NG

«It is a big expense for Denmark and we have to get an equivalent return in the form of new jobs and long-term economic growth. This project should be applied not only to expand the volume of orders our defense group, and for the growth of growth niches, aimed at the export of military weapons systems in the future «- said L. Espersen.
«Competition sales best Euro and South American aircraft should take place in an atmosphere of trust, are competing on an equal footing» — continued L. Espersen.
«The final decision of the government could help reduce the purchase of fighter because the country’s strategy is focused on the acquisition of more specialized drones» — said L. Espersen.
«Drones will never be able to change the ordinary combat aircraft, but they are able to play a more active role in international operations. They will receive more extensive use in the arctic regions of Denmark. Features of the properties of each drone will be considered in the process of testing for aircraft substitution. Mistakes made in past trials had to be removed when the Eurofighter because enthusiasm had the advantage in favor of the F-35 JSF Lockheed, can not be repeated, «- said John Dirbi Paulsen, a spokesman for the Social Democrats.
(F-35 JSF Lockheed — cooperative, strike fighter is developing the program and is designed for a wide range of substitution of existing fighters and attack aircraft for a number of countries: USA, England, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. Forecast average price applets on the substitution of 12.5 billion dollars .).
Foreign media: Denmark prioritizes use program FRP

The auction participates fourth company Cassidian’s Eurofighter Typhoon

Already there is an awareness that Lockheed Martin has an advantage in this competition, as Denmark has invested in the project «JSF» (Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) — American company specializing in the field of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, airport logistics. Naikrupneyshim in enterprise world — 95% of the income the company receives orders from the U.S. Department of Defense and zabugornyh customers).
«Competitiveness must be real. We are not bound by a sense of loyalty in the selection of South American aircraft. The final decision is based on the economic value of the country and the need to purchase the best aircraft for our needs » — D. Paulsen said.
Denmark, which is a partner of JSF and start programs from FRP competitive tests stopped in 2010, due to the need to return the funds and easing crisis unrest in support of ailing banking system at the time. As a partner of Denmark has already invested in the development of JSF program from about $ 200 million
«Positions in oboronostroeniya country have always been defined and clear. Defense procurement contracts must be approved disposition processes of production equipment in the Danish defense and aerospace industry «- said Frank Hall, general secretary DDSIA (Danish Defense & Security Industries Association).
DDSIA plans to continue to hold regular meetings with all the contenders in the coming months. Negotiations will be held in the unit — a team formed FRP, which was created in 2008 to investigate the potential of partnership and labor contracts with competition likely candidates.
According to Denmark’s, is now one of the main reasons for the determination of the terms of the favorite will share the role in the production of fighter Danish companies. Copenhagen wants to use the tender for the creation of new jobs in the state industry.

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