Forum2000 — action in support of democracy in Burma

On the situation with human rights in M» yanme (current title Burma), where the reigning military power and during recent protests people were killed, many speakers recalled the forum.
After a lot of interest in the eyes of today’s meeting rushed that breast identification marks — the badge — on which is written — delegate, observer, press — overlap badge with an international Buddhist flag. It has been explained to me then that means painting with crossed colorful column. This color Buddhist flag states.

These estimates were distributed at the entrance to the main hall meetings and virtually raskhoplivalisya. Distributed them among Hindu and Burmese. Ran action youth European appearance. In my intrigued he replied:
"I come from Germany. I started cooperation with" the International Amnesty " human rights Burma. So I decided to continue to work with this issue — Burma. We have an organization in which constant 20-30 participants, and at today’s development there can be a lot more. Well, in globally many similar organizations. "

Young man named Christophe Amtor he project manager "Burma Center" in Prague. Christoph Amtor said that to achieve its own shares so presentable forum was very difficult, but … I have mentioned pins participants took themselves and for friends. Young men in shirts with the words "Freedom Burma" or simply "Burma" strolled through the halls and handed out a special declaration condemning what is happening in Burma and urged the international community not remain silent when they kill innocent people.

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