FUTURE F-35 put new demands for «Typhoon»

FUTURE F-35 put new demands for
Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets took to the skies of Libya (2011), the first baptism in the near future as part of the U.S. Air Force exercise Red Flag made joint flights with fighter Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which the RAF posodeystvuyut a reassessment of the future potential » typhoons, «reports flightglobal.com July 21.
During the Libyan campaign fighters took off more than 200 controlled bombs Raytheon Enhanced Paveway II caliber 454 kg (1,000 lb) laser guided, performing missions together with fighter-bombers Panavia Tornado GR4. On the teachings of Red Flag, held in February-March 2013, «Typhoon» and did the exercises with fighter Lockheed F-22 Raptor.
«U.S. Air Force made sure that» Typhoons «bolshennymi own abilities and put in front of them worthy of attention on these introductory exercises. Our multipurpose fighter particularly seriously by the Air Force and the governments of various countries in the world, «said Air Vice-Marshal, Assistant Chief of Staff of the Air Force of England Edward Stringer (Edward Stringer).
«Typhoon» can not be cloth, otherwise we could be at fault here as pilots. Exercises with the U.S. Air Force was a real eye-opener for us, we must think how to further develop its potential, «said Wing Commander Wells Rich (Rich Wells), who ran a group of» Typhoon «from 9 cars taking part in the maneuvers.
By the end of this decade, the last «Tornado» should be removed from the Air Force of England, and now need to think as «Typhoon» will operate in combination with the new F-35 fighters. July 18 British Air Force announced that in April 2014 617 Squadron, equipped plane «Tornado» will be disbanded in 2016 will be formed the first group that will fly the F-35 Lightning II. Mixed wing Air Force and Navy will be stationed at RAF Marhaym in Norfolk, the initial period of learning English pilots will be based on Edwards Air Force in California.
«We already know that the subsequent era of air combat fighter coordination becomes the fourth and fifth generations, which by its characteristics differ dramatically. It will be curious enough to see the how the interaction will lead Eurofighter and JSF », Stringer said during the briefing, which was held July 19 as part of the airshow Royal International Air Tattoo based Feyrford (county Glostership).
One of the main questions is empowering British «Typhoons» new abilities. Stringer said that some improvements in aircraft armament can happen «sooner than you think,» noting that the RAF will accelerate this work.
The RAF will soon be able to use precision Paveway IV bombs and other weapons systems, namely, tactical SD Brimstone «air-surface» Storm Shadow cruise missiles and aerial combat missiles Meteor production company MBDA.

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