Giusto-wife wrote a letter Bornachin Vicky Frost

Own open letter to Belarusian girls Maria Chiara Bornachin Alessandro Giusto and begin with the words:
"Our most expensive Vick, a year has passed since that a day or as you’re forced to leave Italy — the country that you are very fond of. Your and our friends suggested by this occasion spend a huge celebration and such makarom remember this sad day. But we decided that it is better for you to write this open letter. It can read anyone who want. Suppose, because we have nothing to hide from others. "
Spouses rely that after reading this letter, many others will think that there is still "a real boon for the kid." In an interview with the publication of Il Vostro Giornale Alessandro Giusto says that he and Maria Chiara as before said Vicki Weaning from their families and human injustice that no one, nothing, and in any case does not lead them to abandon the girls and end efforts to return baby in the family.
As reported by the Italian media, in the first days of October in Genoa starts a lawsuit last year to hold illegal Belarusian orphans in Italy. The process initiated by the Belarusian Embassy in Rome. Middle of the main defendants in the case apart from the spouses are Cogoleto father Alessandro and Maria Chiara, Two priests who participated hiding in the wiki. Recently the family lawyer Giovanni Giusto-Bornachin Rico asked Italian courts with a request to cause the process to Genoa Belarusian orphan. In turn, representatives of Belarusian municipal education and guardianship completely exclude such a possibility.
Italian lawyer asked the Tribunal to call Genoa Vika Moroz, 26.09.07
In Italy, completed an investigation into the spouses Giusto-Bornachin, 17.09.2007
Why Vika Moroz not released in Italy?, 08.08.2007

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