Go to the European March — you can write an application for dismissal

A week later, on October 14, the opposition plans to hold a mass rally in Minsk — "European march". Other Day march in the capital and regions of the police began to detain opposition activists. Sentenced to many arrests and fines for distributing leaflets, stickers and newspapers with information about the campaign.
On how the government is preparing to "Euro march", report in his letters and listeners "Freedom."
We wrote Edward Mikulic from Minsk:
"At work, the chief warned: go to the" European march "- you can write an application for dismissal. Warned not just me — everyone. Earlier this march, many did not even know.
Will the whereupon people on the street? I think not. Employment measured, comparable earnings are good. If persecute — where vladkuessya?
People can realize that everyone should think about their own family, children, about the next day. Naturally, many want to build their country developed European country, travel without visas to the EU, the European countries get to work. But on this day it looks something distant and mysterious.
Now Belarus nuts tightened so that their opposition is unlikely to loosen. "
In the crackdown, sire Mikulic, there is danger. Get caught in highly — strip the threads, and then breaks all the fixtures on which spent so much effort. In politics it is usually burning as well as in mechanics.
Political activity of society in today’s Belarus is not very highest. But the authorities have at the moment is trying to prevent any manifestation of popular discontent, sensing afterdstviya energy crisis in the near Time will increase and affect the standard of living in Belarus.
Our listener Nicholas Kanahovicha of Pruzany intrigued message that the first manager to be independent of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich nominated for the Nobel Prize.
Sovereign Kanahovich writes on this subject:
"Now of Belarusian politicians worthy of the Nobel Prize only Zenon Pozniak. He ordinary Member, Belarus did much more than the speaker Stanislav Shushkevich. Already the fact that their actions sovereign Shushkevich delayed dissolution of the Supreme Council, when it was collected more than 600 thousand signatures — Municipal treason.
And why he is proud that he gave Russian nuclear weapon without any preparatory criteria and compensation? It was necessary to seek funds for it, or even realize what an instrument of another nuclear state.
Third betrayal — waiver from the Russian Federation as the successor to the USSR compensation for the Chernobyl disaster and the union property.
And at the moment and lots Shshkevichavay something not seen or heard on the streets of Minsk. I doubt that on October 14 the emperor Shushkevich his party will bring to the streets of Minsk. He can not even afford to collect legally-deserved retirement. If Lukashenko mocks Shushkevich, what-this is to give the Nobel Prize? Brad certain! "
Once a year, the Nobel Peace Prize in the world emit 10’s and even hundreds of people. Nobody forbids highlight it and Poznyak — if there are influential international institution or a Nobel Prize winner, is eligible for nomination (Stanislav Shushkevich remind allocated Nobel laureate Lech Walesa).
Another thing is that a lot of applicants in the world, and the prize — one. And get it, usually known in the world of the person who did a lot for international byayaspeki.
As for the accusations of the address Stanislav Shushkevich. Past chairman of the Supreme Council not just on their answer.
Note that the system of power in Belarus first 1990 years wasand quite different than reality. There was a real separation of powers, and many of the fundamental decisions for the country (for example, about the referendum and the withdrawal of nuclear weapons) in Belarus alone then nobody solved. Without historical context now condemn those or others hardly worth it.
Sad news was the reason for the message and the arguments of our friend Konstantin Syrelya with Ushachi:
"September 26, in the courtyard of a 5-storey house number 4, located on Komsomolskaya Street in Ushachi, played three seven-year boys — swinging on a swing. One of them jumped, and the swings were not secured from shock shattered and overturned in conjunction with other little boy how he fell to his feet, both fractured tibia.
Child brought to the clinic, where urgently sent to Vitebsk. Two other boys got a strong mental shock, some of them complains migraine, urinating every few minutes.
We can deploy the driver of the vehicle inspection for late packing dipyrone in avtaaptechtsy (well, very much safe to ride in cars with expired analginum).
Can bring to the intensive care unit of Chernobyl invalids only for he wished ask the president.
Can charge a deaf boy that cried anti-presidential slogans.
Can be beaten in jail and throw fifteen guy for what went into the street with a white-red-white flag, and cried "Long Live Belarus".
Can zakanapatsits orphan-girl Vika Moroz in an orphanage, if only she did not live on their own with their naming parents in Italy.
But to make a platform for human babies in the country do not have enough time. Bureaucrats can not savvy that playground must have a data sheet and is held every year where more painstaking inspection than "Moskvich" or "Zaporozhets" a village uncle. There must be some standards for these areas — materials, diameter pipe lining dimensions — nothing as it is not, all who molded on that much, each in its own manner.
Our builders, seem unaware of the existence of kids in general. Go to every apartment and a look at what height are electronic switches. To a 3-year old child to turn the light in the closet, you must either be on a chair, or ask an adult. Maybe somewhere in the towns in the new apartments in another way, I do not know. But I have these apartments we have not yet beheld.
Beheld in the U.S., more precisely, in California. There switches put on height lowered his hands palms. Swings in parks, perhaps not cope th tank coating soft pad underneath. Children’s slides — stainless steel, Gorny, already gleaming. The restaurant when a guest with children, first serve kids — put it on the table paper and colored pencils.
Well, I do not believe any Neither presidential nor bureaucratic word about love for children! Well, what about the rest — too.
You say, "What does the President to playgrounds?"
And despite the fact that he made it the system of government in which all it can be. If locked all by yourself, then let responds. And how to reap laurels — he’s here as here. How bear responsibility — this is not it. "
Thanks to you, Constantine, notable for the reasoning behind neayyakavy look at the problem, which, indeed, is very topical for Belarus.
I think, but that the responsibility here lies not only on the current government. For decades, and in the state and society have not paid significant attention to the safety of people in general and kids viz.
This is not including the main task. When it was necessary to choose between the premature delivery of any object to the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and unprepared nonhazardous this object — without thinking bureaucrats ignored deficiencies.
So it was at every step and cyclopean construction projects such as the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and malehankih playground in the courtyard of "Khrushchev". And in society was not the case for such intolerable situation. Bureaucrats received orders for premature delivery of objects and people behind this silent monitored.
Is that why become probable and big disaster — at Chernobyl in 1986, and malehankih misfortune — in the courtyard of the house of Usha end of today, September?
At the end — a short letter, which will leave without comment.
We wrote Olga Danchenko of Medelskaga area:
"Cool autumn evening
, sitting at the furnace overheated, so cute to hear a distant voice of native and" Freedom. "Where else can we find these announcements? Stay and more with people, tell the truth, saves our native language. So not enough left foci where it sounds. "
Thank you, Madam Danchenko, for the kind words for you, and everyone who found time for writing on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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