Gomel: FREED youth activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka

About six o’clock in the evening on the street long distance, came to meet him 26 young people with white and reddish pinks, representatives of the democratic institutions of the town.
But Dmitry went not out of the gate insulator, and has come from the Central police department. About a half hour before the liberation activist was taken from prison to police station, where Deputy Chief Major Efymenko claimed clarification, how leaflets appeared in the town to support it.
Zhaleznichenka "There was amusing incident. Likely, they feared that I would meet people and they want me to not see them. Brought under the pretext invented. They took leaflets in which it is written that I was detained and illegally detained, and that at the moment I’m in prison. Policemen were that I Tipo these leaflets distributed. Naturally, I was seated, I took the printer underground chamber number 12, took the computer, and made a great picture. Well, from the window of the chamber began to scatter ", — Dmitry joked.
By mid-September Dmitri studied at the 3rd year, Faculty of Mathematics Gomel vniversytetu behalf Skarina. Average ratings for its four semester was 9.3. For the best school student received a scholarship overcharge. In addition, Dmitry Zhaleznichenka took an active part in public life. On the basis of a memorandum deanery rector of the Faculty of Mathematics Institute Alexander Rogachev signed an order of dismissal tretsyakursnika Zhaleznichenka Tipo for "systematic foulyl internal regulations. "
September 17 against the young activist with the role of the police was a provocation. Dmitry initially accused of rape, and then made reports about cussing and disobeying police.
Referee Central District Marina Domnenkov based on police reports, decided to arrest activist for 8 days for disorderly conduct and fined 620 vpribavok thousand rubles Tipo for disobeying police.
In protest against the persecution and pripiraniya-student campus in crowded places, leaflets appeared in support Zhaleznichenka.
Welcome youth activist came from Minsk to Gomel and vice-chairman BPF Mikhalevich.
"In 1-x, is an activist Dmitry our youth. I came to express my solidarity and to show that, despite the exclusion of the Institute, and that he spent this period, he became only more famous. He increases the ability to act and work. "
Dmitry Zhaleznichenka after release

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