Gomel pastor Living Word was summoned to the prosecutor’s office

September 30 before worship in the building on the street Himakova, 18 (pastor and he belongs there registered community "Living Word") came together with the police and unknown in civil representatives of the executive committee of the ideological and Russian administration Homel.
Guests said that meeting and worship indoors illegal and prevents music neighbors.
Voice Pastor Podlobko:
"We and our church — law-abiding citizens, and willing to make all laws. But those bureaucrats who made laws, put believers in this situation, that they are not at all desire have the ability to to make such laws.
God gave us the right to pray, God gave us the right to practice their faith! If the registration of the church prevents us to serve God, to preach the gospel, pray, then, I say, can I take this registration. But because we do not throw pray not cease to be a church.
The Church is not registered with the state, it is registered to God. It is God’s institution. Government only records the presence of the church, but does not entitle you to work and serve the church. So must in a free society. "
District Attorney Russian Misha Prus issued pastor Podlobko official warning about the inadmissibility of violation of Article 25 of the Law "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations" and Fri 4 of Article 8 of the Housing Code. This applies to mass prayers and use of the dwelling without the consent of the executive and administrative bodies for worship.

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