Gomel Tribunal in the case of Sergei Semenov postponed

Sovereign Semenov told the court in writing that fails to arrive from Ukraine to Gomel due disgusting state of health.
The case had been pending in the second time. September 24, when Sergei Semyonov was the Central Tribunal, he was told that his consideration of the administrative case was moved to October 4 — and the circumstances of the transfer not been explained.
Recall that in September during the journey of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border crossing Fri "newcomer Guta" Gomel customs offered youth activist fill in the declaration.
Sovereign Semenov asked to form Belarusian language, explaining that would not want to make mistakes when filling out an official document in Russian.
Customs made it the administrative record, allegedly for insubordination, and sent it to the tribunal.
The case received wide response to it reacted even the chairman of the Constitutional Court Grigory Vasilevich, calling the case with Semenov "unmotivated pressure Belarusian language and its speakers. "
In August, after a similar incident at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border referee of the court of Homel Marina Semenova sovereign Domnenkov fined 930 thousand rubles.
• S.Semenov: "An linguistic discrimination, and I was also punished", 26.09.2007 • U.Pehtserav: Declaration of Belarusian now have all the customs, 24.09.2007 • Will WhiteRussian language authorities to protect?, 20.09.2007 • How much is the customs declaration on whiteRussian language?, 31.08.2007

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