Gomel UCP chairman arrested for 7 days

Decree was signed by the arbitrator Jaroslav Paremskaya. Not score? About 15 hours, which Vasily Polyakov spent in police custody and temporary detention.
Assorted business behind closed doors. The tribunal could not get any friends or even politician’s wife Svetlana. They expected Polyakov at the main entrance to the court for more than 4 hours, and it wound up in a building with a dark entrance.
Sovereign Polyakova accused neprelichnoy battle on Kirov Street.
One of the applicants, — Natalia Prudnikova, an employee of the ideological department of the railway administration Homel.
Wife of the politician, Mrs. Svetlana considers absurd sentence:
"Never, 1st disgusting words I heard from Basil. Never! This is me for you honestly."
Observers believe that the arrest of Vasily Polyakov and his deputy in the United civilian party, adherents of the movement "For Freedom" Vladimir Katsora accidental.
They associate it with the scheduled October 12 meeting in Gomel opposition activists with Ambassadors EU states, also with the "European march" in Minsk.
Gomel UCP activist says Catherine:
"If you held some huge opposition rally, always occur repression. This practice is established, it has already established. Watchmen not even invent any circumstances. They write these protocols as a tracing — cursing obscenities, resisted the police. At this power, the this mode as all on the line. "

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