«Gripen» increase the possibility of defense BRAZIL

Test group of 2-pilots and the Brazilian Air Force engineer checked about 400 control Fri / points on the Swedish fighter Gripen D, aereo.jor.br reported March 13. Each test flight was achieved from 50 to 80 points — estimated takeoff run and run, different modes of operation, the transition to landing glideslope and landing properties onboard systems.

The same tests were performed on rivals Rafale and F-18, all of which tested a separate team of pilots and engineers. Volume was 121 technical report that 28 and more than thousand pages. As you know, during the contest winner was Gripen NG (New Generation), which is to be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force in 2018. Plane features brand new concept of combining data, which can be applied to other aircraft and ground-based systems.

«In terms of defense, this plane has huge advantages,» says test pilot Lt. Col. Carlos Afonso de Araujo (Carlos Afonso de Araujo, pictured), who participated in tests «Gripen» in Sweden.

Pilot knows that «Gripen» is perfectly developed and integrated avionics with several tactical displays, which provide all the information the pilot in the ordinary in the awareness and nicely readable visual form. Lieutenant Colonel says that such a development simplifies piloting aircraft at speeds that can reach 2,400 km / h and in combat criteria where other planes fly and there are various dangers. In his view, Gripen NG is the vanguard of technological development that exists in the world today. Lieutenant Colonel plaque has 4,000 hours, including flying in the F-16, F-18 and Rafale.

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