Holiday workers will be shorter

With one side, basic holiday increases by a day or 3 (formerly small day was 21, with a new year will be 24). But additional leave will be reduced: for long working day (this category includes 1.5 million employees) will now be added 7 days (instead of 14) and at its own expense organizations.
For work in hazardous criteria will now be a maximum of 28 days and only at the expense of the employer (formerly stay was 41 a day). The Government needs to certification of workplaces on working conditions. Managing the legal service of the Belarusian trade union of electronic industry Eskova Lena says:
"It seems like an incentive for managers to elevate working conditions. But in order to, for example, in the industry to elevate working conditions, required huge amounts of money (on safety, modernization of equipment). Very soon it will hold unrealistic. So makarom, people will work in the same conditions, but their holidays will be shorter. "
Reduced by 10 days and so called educational leave, and for the protection of the diploma — for a month. Besides, says lawyer Lena Eskova:
"Pay for these holidays only when the students are taught in the direction of the employer application. In other words, while others — only for its own account."
Draft Labour Code prepared by the Ministry of Labour. Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Tipo submitted proposals, but as a lawyer explains Lena Eskova:
"We even with no official trade unions of mandatory approvals. Offers can give 10s, and consider two or three, and later read that discussed with the trade unions. Draft open a discussion, but even the judgment of the official unions have not been addressed."
Manage Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus comment on the new Labour Code refused. Since Labor Code placed on enterprises with him acquainted. States department of labor and employee salaries Minsk Motor Plant:
"Naturally, I’m sorry those people, involved in hazardous work. Their stay was 41 a day, and now there will be 20 eighth As for those who are trained, why should we pay for a vacation man who would later work in our factory? He gets quite a different specialty. Maybe it’s true. "
"By-independent views of trade unions, the abolition of social benefits, reducing social holidays — everything is focused, so save the expense of people possible more funds. And the situation is exacerbated by employees. Now besides through the Labor Code, "- says Lena Eskova.
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