Honestly this corn not know embarrassment! — Give birth to the poet Kiriyenko

"Orsha Gazette" in 1917 concludes: "Orsha" Belarusian Committee "would not mind an own candidate in the military. Assembly. But Moscow, arguing that" Bel. Com. "- Grassroots democratic state organization referred this question for consideration by the Socialist Revolutionary Party. "Bel. Roo." See, one of the province exhibited by existing parties and organizations, candidates, natural Belarussians, Belorussians and lust does not believe in military build. Meeting some of its own, special Belarusian. What is all the same for the Belarusian — judge believe in excess. "
"Lim" in 1957, typing a letter and professors N.Zamyatsina N.Darozhkina, corresponding members and BSSR A.Lapo V.Shempelya "Doctor Zhebrak acted as navetchikov on delicious sovetskogo scientist Academician Lysenko obscurantist South American press, performing will those warmongers trying to undermine the power of Russia … Dr. Zhebrak sang in unison English and South American "scientific" magazine that slander our sovetskogo science at its leading figures. Zhebrak reached out so evil insinuatorom as prafashyst Carl Sachs … "
On this week 1957 on the pages of "Homeland" Nikolai Kulikovich ridicules Belarusian Soviet poetry: "Khrushchev’s invention — a corn … was also an element of Belarusian Russian poetry. I allow myself to lead the reader to the fun there are several rows of corn such" poetry ":" Honestly this corn You will never know the embarrassment! "- give birth to Belarusian poet Kiriyenko farmer and poet Titov devotes almost an ode to corn (fall in Russian language, as it was written): "Now mapping a day or a day safely, asks for leniency muse, I laurels cap substitution, it’ll take about corn." Do not think that the muse was merciful to such padhalimnaga vershapletstva … "

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