Hope eliminated female role

Announcing the decision, the referee Igor Mil’to listed violations of the law on the part of women’s party: namely, "Hope" has no legal address, far not all communities and branches registered in mandatory regional structures, the party engaged in activities outside of the area of Belarus.
Specifically trip to Chernihiv, where last year in December passed a constituent assembly "Union of the Left parties" with the role of representatives of the "Hope" by Lena Eskova views, and was the main prerequisite for the closing party:
"Referee Supreme Court Sovereign Bobkov stopped thing about the complaint founders of the "Union of the Left parties’ refusal to register such union to consider the case of liquidation of the party" Hope. " In other words, these two processes are linked. "
Secretary of the Communist Party of Communists Belarusian Lena Skrigan participated in this trial. She directed attention to the fact that the representatives of the Ministry of Justice largely refers to the fact five and even seven years ago.
Lena Skrigan says this is due to
"If I had reason for this year for liquidation of the party "Hope", they could be presented. But no such reasons, and because the ministry collects all that is. It is not based on the law on political parties and on the Civilian Code. It seems to us that it’s not must, as good as new wording of the Law on Political Parties was adopted later in civilian dress code. Take starve, as statedsmiling. No facts of attrition take. "
Member of the House of Representatives prior convocation Vladimir Navasyad, commenting on the decision of the Supreme Court, adding that already the fifth year of success without trying to register with the Ministry of Justice of the Party of Freedom and Progress:
"The country of Belarus is very beautiful female name — Belarus. And not surprisingly, that women’s party for about the last 10 years the highest rating in relation to other political parties. Because of course, it must strike the structure that holds its own flag and constantly responds to letters from the Ministry of Justice. Incidentally, the last time we tried to register his party, we have invited 760 additional sheets of paper. And if we brought them to the ministry, we recommend to clean them in the mail. That’s it belong to political parties and civilian initiatives our country . "
In court, "Hope" claimed municipal guarantees 09.10.2007.

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