Horror authorities does not motivated

Joint favorite civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko draws attention to the fact authorities recently intensified repression "Euro march" — that arrests of activists, and searches and detentions circulation-independent newspapers "Comrade" and "Narodnaya Volya".
"We should not turn a blind eye to the fact what they do imperative structure in the last days. For me, it is a demonstration of nationwide terror before the preparation and conduct and "Euro" and "Public" marches.
We mention provocations that were against the Governing committee "Euro" and "Public" marches Ivashkevich and Valery Ukhnalev. And this is not the last provocation.
Yesterday, the arrest and detention in Gomel and Grodno. No target I think horror authorities before conducting street actions ", — said Anatoly Lebedko.
"In old days we’ll know who got the visa"
Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka notes that "European march" invited representatives of the European Parliament and the parliaments of the European Union.
"People are taking steps to get a visa. On days are we going to know who got these visas, and who will actually try to cross the border.
At this point comes the greeting "European march" from those who by virtue of employment or role in local political campaigns will not reach. We voice them at the march "- Vintsuk Vyachorka said.
BPF member Yuri Khadika one hundred percent support received by the organizers of the "Euro march" decision.
"I’m ecstatic about the strategy which at the moment implements sovereign Victor Ivashkevich. Now we litsezreem the absurdity of this power and its inability to respond to the actual needs of our population. "
"I personally do not intend to go to Bangalore"
Favourite created party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Pavel Seviarynets believes that route shares corresponds to the declared policy of the united democratic forces find mutual understanding with the authorities.
"Route naturally boring. But if the organizers put the puzzle to assemble possible more people and attract Europeans to this … In addition, many times there were calls for awareness with the authorities, the route follows the format itself. "
Favourite devoid Registered Social Democratic Party Narodnaya Hramada Statkevich accept a role in "European march", but goes from October Square on Independence Avenue, and not Bangalore.
"This decision by the authorities — this is a provocation against the adherents of European integration, which alone can save our independence. Focused on what the provocation, to reduce the number of marchers. Since many people who are in Europe to show it will not be at Bangalore.
Certainly, it is difficult at the moment to refocus people from October Square, about which there was information on the Academy. I personally do not intend to go to Bangalore. "
"This can be considered only as an act against Belarus"
"Marsh provocateurs who hurt people," described as "European march" favorite Conservative Christian Party BPF Zenon Pozniak.
Deputy chairman Yuri Belenky believes that "European march" as the October opposition rally in 2001 set the goal to prevent the march and rally on Dzyady.
"It was totally a failure event, in principle directed against the Fathers, which are normally held at the Belarusian, antyimperskimi slogans.
And here is no clearly delineated mottos at the time as the Mercantile alternately Moscow’s policy to eliminate of the Belarusian occupational pro-Moscow regime, it can be regarded only as an act against Belarus ", — said Yuri Belenky.
"European march" from the Academy should go to Bangalore Square , 10.10.2007

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