House of Writers: Literature and School

"The school should be studied masterpieces of artistic spectacle"
Michas Scoble: "1st question — Misha Tychyna. Emperor Misha, you — the creator of curricula and textbooks on Belarusian literature for the senior classes. Tell me how the main aspects of the product must comply with to be in school reading books?"
Michas Tychina: "In 1-x-product should be a masterpiece from an artistic point of view. Certainly still dominate the aesthetic approach. I think applets for Literature, and the first, and one that is introduced into the school at the moment, they are overloaded. reduction required by the names, well, due to the texts too. Than jump from the 1st product to another, better one traditional product so consider that it stays in memory for a lifetime. "
Scoble: "How do I know our neighbors — in Russia and Poland — during the life of a writer is much harder to get into school textbooks. There’s really pantheon of classics. We have the same even goes for the fight to get into a training program from. I know 1 the first writer who personally pestered reached the Ministry of Education and its own — this year it is studied in school. How to protect Belarusian school of excess zealous and punch the creators? "
Anatoly Sidorevich: "In time, when he was a schoolboy, I read in the anthology works Vsevolod Kravchenko, Ilya Gursky other writers since. At the moment there are no textbooks. So it will be with the "master", my, we can say, fellow countryman, who landed in a school applets. Will be held a couple of years, and his works of primers will be expunged. "
Scoble: "Anna, many believe you nizrynalnitsay literary authorities. Indeed, in your books, you can find a very critical article about the same Ivan Shamyakin, Alexei Dudarev — writers who have long and thoroughly established in the school textbooks. And in your opinion, how modern writer should be given a pass to the school program working? "
Anna Kislitsyna: "Do not be said that I have any authority rented from their pedestals. I just try to look at them knit. I myself was a teacher and I know that in order to work intrigued students, it must have features of modernity. And Shemyakin , and Dudareva I watched as his contemporaries, instead of some zabronzovevshy figure. And to intrigue students need a good teacher — is a theorem.
Who would of contemporary writers, I wanted to create in school textbooks? It would be nice, so got to school parable Bykov. Their — completely different Bulls, Bulls and this new topical specifically at the moment. Not superfluous in the program would work Andrei Hodanovich because behind it a mass youth audience. To the place would have been in school and prose Adam Globus, especially passing notes book "notebooks." Love poems also Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk as school youth — romantic mood.
And still in school should be prose Yuri Stankevich as vveschasnae positive thinking, which we find in the books does not match that "blackness" in which they live our kids, especially in the provinces. They perceive the textbook as something abstract, as something that is not in life. And they tear in his own mind Belarusian literature for its inconsistency certain life. "
Sidorevich: "The same picture in the program notes for Russian literature. Are we there litsezreem Andrei bit? Either kurtuaznyh mannerists? We litsezreem they were not."
"Lessons of the Belarusian literature from time to time remind" Ferdydurke "Gambrovicha"
Scoble: "And what works in literature remember everything for you from the time your school? Than remember — what items, lines, feelings?"
Tichina: "I still remember the time when the primers were in separate pages devoted to Stalin: the story of its origin is quite a detective, with changes party names. And I must say that she is interested small readers. But I do not remember Staliniyana and poem Maxim Tank "The crane and heron", which I remember to this day: "Chapu-lyapa, chapu-lyapa — Crane goes to the herons and says:" Good morning! "
Kislitsyna: "Poems from school, I remember, but they — as recorded on tape. If you recall my school lessons Belarusian literature, it is possible to compare them with" Ferdydurke "Gambrovicha. This cult novel with nedavneshnego time introduced into school programs from Poland. By the way, go the whole discussion — to enter, not to enter. Across Poland posters hung with agitation, it is worth making.
"Ferdydurke" — a wicked satire of the school. Quote here a passage translated Basil Trinity. It tells of a lesson in a Polish school on creativity Yulyusha Slovak. "There was a majestic poet — remember this, because in principle. Adored Why? After was a great poet. Lofty poet was Listen, gultaiski saith to you relaxed, excellent hammer for themselves in circles, ugluzduytse. Again I repeat, please panstvo — majestic poet Yulyush Slovak. Yulyusha We love Slovak. "
I would very much wish that the novel "Ferdydurke" has been inserted in our applets. Since not only the students have to laugh of the teachers, and teachers need to create yourself in the mirror. If we are going to teach in a school similar works, we will not have the terrible lessons that were with me. Because I — for Gambrovicha. "
Tichina: "In this case, the Belarusian school is better to turn to the national experience. The writer Andrey Fedorenko has an amazing story" The Troubles. "This is a story grammar school, whose director does not know what to do with students who think similar to Gambrovicha heroes. Students will be more fun to read what the texture closer. "
Sidorevich: "But I with light years of school until the ninth grade do not remember any-thing! From high school I remember the classics — "Kurgan" Yanka Kupala, "The latest land" Kolas, "inscription on the blockhouse" Yankee Bryl. And I remember something that was not yet in the program. I was lucky when I was high school, in the periodicals published "Heart on the palm" Ivan Shamyakin, "People in the swamp" Ivan Melezha, "Birds and Nest" same Bryl. Ivan also published stories Ptashnikov "Deer", "Bezhanka" published stories young Mikhas Streltsov. "
Lobanovich — homosexual? Closely read the story "At the Crossroads"
Scoble: "For you, really lucky. Lord, here I am leafing through a good general textbook" Belarusian Literature "for the 5th grade, which taught my daughter. And eyes involuntarily clinging different language mistakes, which are many in the works there. For example , here is the beginning of the poem by Alexei hawk "Maple Leaf": "sent gold maple best." And under Kolas poem "Horse and Dog" presented for three footnotes — explanations of obscure words. Is it permissible to similar? In my opinion, the product has to be perfect and clear for the modern student. "
Tichina: "Not so long ago I proofread proofread textbook" Belarusian literature. Grade 10, "and there handy reference to the word" den. "Such words that require clarification, always typed a lot. Because language — a living organism that changes with each decade. Kolasa At the same now you can find very many Russianisms. His times language is formed, and what had previously looked natural, now sought clarification and refinement.
It is clear that Shakespeare’s works were written in an incomprehensible language Briton present. They translate, adapt. So that the language will always be difficulties. I heard from translators that the British do not understand Belarusian word "sandals." But in recent translations of Walter May’s word is used in the Belarusian sound. And across the bottom — tlumchenne. If the Russian word "Sputnik" came to the We
stern reader knowing the words, why "bast" can not? "
Scoble: "I immediately began to remember how much bast in Belarusian literature." Wait, bast folded "- it seems to be of Kolasauski" quagmire. "" Feet in sandals "there Kupalovskaya poems" Who goes there ", has been translated into 82 languages of the world. Well, bast vbelaruskih folk parables and those can not be numbered … "
Tichina: "Ancient texts, in my opinion, is necessary to give students in adapted form. For example, the works of Cyril of Turov them better read translations Ales Ryazanov. It is more accessible school age. "
Kislitsyna: "I do not agree with the views that the school should be one ABC book masterpieces. At one time, I was led to the Belarusian literature Vladimir Korotkevich, and his speech is far from perfect. Remember how I did not break away from Magda" hunting feral King Stach " , reading nights. So that literature should be not only mentor, not only aesthetically cost, it can be simply fascinating. especially Belarusian literature. And about masterpieces … "And weaves, forgetting hand instead of the standard Persian homeland tsvyatok cornflower. "Forgive me — to throw this poem for Russianisms" tsvyatok "?"
Tichina: "It was about the words that are now barely perceived by schoolchildren. But it’s not only the vocabulary, and, say, morality.’s An example for you. Pass on exercises trilogy Kolasa" At the Crossroads ". Comes to places where Lobanovich comes on a visit to his own old one friend Maxim Tursevicha. "Tell me you, brother Maxim — ask other Lobanovich already lying in bed with him — why people in the world live?" Here, students begin immediately reconsidered pasmeyvatstsa. Say, this is not gay … Lobanovich mean, some clarification is needed. "
"As compared with Alexander Pushkin sustained our writers!"
Scoble: "In the new program notes on literature, which are approved by the Ministry of Education in This year, no word on the repression of the 1930s. And I remember in 1980, my high school Derechinskaya lesson native literature teacher Nina K. Laktsevich (light her daughter) in a hushed voice knows how tortured in jail Kuzma Chorny. Where she learned while on this — I do not know. Do you think the writers of similar facts biographies — a place in the classroom? Or it belongs to the history of literature? "
Sidorevich: "Of course, this should be read in school: Listen, Alexander Pushkin sits in St. Michael and prabachayusya," paunchy "own serf girls. So does in Moldova. One expulsion another. Dancing on the balls at the Governor-General Vorontsov , an affair, and it is believed that the tsarist government with him ruthlessly treated. A person here almost impaled, shot a person here, scoff at him, beaten by bitter radish — and this can not and should not write How compared with Alexander Pushkin sustained our writers! Naturally, this is why at the moment vykreslivaetstsa and comes in Belarusian schools. "
Tichina: "I think that still need to take into account the peculiarities of psychology kid, child, youth. Some things are so impressive schoolboy mentality that may occur later different strain."
"The Bible — it’s amazing humanistic literature"
Scoble: "Not bad writers — weave, sturdy books — thousand. But there is one, before which all other lean. I mean the Bible. Should the Bible be studied in school?"
Kislitsyna: "I think of the volume in which it is now represented fairly. Another thing Belarus every year it becomes more and more multinational. Next to us on the streets strolling the Chinese and Tajiks, and other nationalities. Because soon in Belarusian schools will teach not only the Bible, and the Koran. To this dilemma need to be approached very delicately, then hurriedly can not decide. To go to school to introduce cultural studies, where can be say more about the religion, because some lessons do not decide anything. "
Sidorevich: "In ordinary Belarusian high school first must be culturally educated teachers. But we know how to train teachers to Philology 1990s. They that read the Bible? They do not need to explain. If I say to the lady — in, Yazavel, I think, the only one who was brought up in the Christian tradition, learns: Yazavel — it’s the same as Mesalina, slutty lady. "
Scoble: "So, because of the shortcomings of professionals in the Bible does not teach?"
Sidorevich: "No, you need to teach. Job But A book should be read in translation Basil Trinity." Song of Solomon "King Solomon certainly need to give students. Certainly students should reach Book of Esther, the Book of Ruth. Humanist literature is amazing! Once Yanka Bryl Vladimir Korotkevich want to retell the story of the modern Belarusian language books Ruth — how this poor lady collects ears … This, I repeat, beautiful literature. "
"Students never confused with the Belarusian foreign literature, Orwell — Ales Adamovich"
Scoble: "As the first and last question — Misha Tychyna. Emperor Misha, you are one of the founders of the textbook entitled" Belarusian literature and peace "in the pages of native literature which is integrated into the world. Ales Adamovich There coexists with George Orwell, Sartre — Vasil Bykov, Solzhenitsyn — with Francisco Olehnovich. peramyashayutstsa And not all the literature in the minds of students, and they will be confused where his, and where — someone else? "
Tichina: "At first glance, this problem may occur. But there is something else: a comparison, the comparison always helps — on the principle of contrast — behold in the best possible light Belarusian literature. In the mirror of world literature, it looks very dignified. Lyceum With practice know that no threat "mixing" no. She exaggerated. Incidentally, this is one of the accusations that we are constantly going from the Ministry of Education. But as life has shown, it is not. I think my co-worker at the Lyceum sp.Sidarevich confirm. "
Sidorevich: "In 1-x, the disciples never confused with Ales Adamovich Orwell. Vo-2, lyceum and knew perfectly biblical texts, and the Koran. But in the Quran NO poetry — it is immediately visible. Thirdly, our students on Philology always a cut above his own classmates. And even some teachers could daravnats. "

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