How insecure ladies alcoholism?

If the number of male alcoholics increases by an average of 5 to 6% per year, the ladies — 11%. Exclusively in the capital registered is about 5 thousand ladies, the vast majority — up to 30 years.
We give faster is the destruction of personality
According to the views of Dr. Brain Minsk City Drug Dependency Clinic Sergei Milk, the ladies frisky personality is destroyed:
"Female body adapted to the least impact due to the specific hormonal levels, due to the fact that women’s structure is rather fragile in comparison with men. And because such a devastating impact. Treated worse, often acts prydurkavatasts. "
Lady curable or alcoholism?
Deputy Chief of Gomel female colony Colonel Galina Zabrodskii in an interview with "On Protection" expressed the view that alcoholism ladies generally incurable. This conclusion, it makes its own observations of alcoholic women have served their sentences and all the same at large, "broke down."
The psychiatrist Sergei Milk states:
"Everything can be curable, but the ladies alcoholism often associated with social neuvvyazkami, lack of family samotnastsyu, spiritual crisis. Because there is a possibility of this crisis someway overcome, then we can talk about the healing. "
"Drunk time ispila two, and then — addiction"
According to the views of psychologist Jeanne Miscavige, the problem of alcoholism ladies can not be considered one-sided, since it has different roots. Often and genetic conditioning, says Jeanne:
"But the psychiatrist right that is — weak people who can not cope with their neuvvyazkami, and eventually — it prepyadstviya home life, work-related, with human relationships. But the most important thingthis man not ready to solve problems, and then it solves the problem through what seems to be the easiest method — he drank one, two, and then — to addiction. "
The reason — a fizyyalegii or psychology?
Craving for alcohol and addiction in women formed more and faster due to the physiological characteristics. Guys, apart from the fact, that some degree of liver "recycles" alcohol, lungs, kidneys excrete breakdown products, plays a vital role ferment, which is not in the liver and muscles, says the psychiatrist Sergei Milk:
"So called catalase. It is produced in the main not in the liver and in muscle energy. How would Whatever had read about the emancipation of ladies such as physical labor and the loads are not engaged. Means additional reserves of the body does not exist. "
According to the views of psychologist Jeanne Mickiewicz, a man is easier to ask for professional help of addiction. No lady did not recognize that she is ill alcohol dependence, very occasionally she will appeal to Narcologist. Ladies often forced cure, the court’s ruling, which deprives parental rights. Jeanne outlook Miscavige:
"In the role of an alcoholic mother lost"
"Dame out of this situation even more difficult. Yes she is unlikely to happen. In addition, she is responsible for the kids, and eventually lost the role of mother. And as we have in most own mother is responsible for the baby, the woman in the family more significant for a man, as a result the child remains untidy. With this viewpoint and difficulties of women’s alcoholism. "
Once a year in Belarus deprived of parental rights 4 — 4.5 thousand people (half of them — ladies, alcohol abuse). Ladies alcoholism is directly linked with the problem of social orphanhood — 32 thousand kids in orphanages, about 90% are mothers. 10 thousand people (half of them ladies) do not compensate for the costs of raising children.

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