How much have to pay for visas in adjacent countries?

October 2-3 in Warsaw held bilateral consular consultation. Agreed that Poland will take time introducing new criteria for issuing visas on December 1 (previously assumed that since November 1 Polish side will take for visa 60 euros).
The Polish side expressed its intention not to increase tariff of consular fees for visas, which are valid until December 31.
Explains the spokesman of the Polish Embassy in Belarus Monica Sadkovskaya:
"The price of all Polish visas that will be issued before the end of the year and will be valid until December 31, does not change. In other words, if it is single-entry visa, it will cost 5 euros, even if you get it in December."
To the newcomer, the Belarusians in Poland will be able to get on an old price — 5 euros.
But if the term of the visa in Poland will start from January 1, 2008, it will have to pay, likely, for 60 euros, says Monica Sadkovskaya:
"There will be more information as it will change with the new year. But, in principle, from January 1, we have will work absolutely by the rules of the Schengen ".
Until next year refreshed planned to sign an agreement under which saved some breaks, better conditions for the issuance of visas to children, pensioners, the disabled, people with borderline territories.
Now turn for visas to Polish representative office in Minsk passed for three thousand people.
Here what they say people:
Man: "We need a few months to go every day and celebrated in the queue. Queue very large — 3964 people, almost four thousand …"
Lady: "From August 28 adnachaemsya we were 3363rd, and at the moment here in 1609-s."
Man: "I believe that if our president did not let the Polish diplomats, in response to the Polish embassy so works."
For Lithuania, the subsequent year, the price of visas does not change — a single visa will cost 5 euros, according to a press-secretary of the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus beat Christina:
"With the new year, we are not talking about all of the options, because negotiations until all at the negotiation stage. But until the new year nothing changes, everything as it was, and still is."
At this point in the Lithuanian embassy visa on preparatory records can be obtained in two weeks. Now, for example, recorded on October 18.
The Embassy of the Czech Republic, we were told:
An employee of the embassy: "Maybe some brand new information will be available after October 10."
Reporter: "But for now, until the new year, everything remains as before?"
An employee of the embassy: "While not a certainty I can tell. While yes, but with confidence I can not say. "
According to international practice, Belarus will obliged to apply adequate measures — increment visa prices for those states that join the Schengen zone, said a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Andrei Popov.

Schengen Agreement on border control signed in 1985. Today joined the Treaty in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Islyandyya. From 1 January 2008 to join the Schengen area Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta.
Ukraine and Our homeland has long been negotiating with the EU about Losers Schengen visas for their own people. It is expected that the Schengen visa will cost 35 euros for them.

In the EU visa issue expects Belarus to real steps, 14.08.2007 • About free visas media rushed, 25.09.2007

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