How to evaluate the results of the strike power and entrepreneurial movement favorites?

"I do not know who it is claimed 30 thousand"
The representative of the Department of the Ministry of Economy Alexander Topilin referred to the fact that the regional executive committees have not yet submitted information on the number of participants of the strike:
"Mogilev Regional Executive Committee sent us information about what facts were absenteeism. Well, there is associated with different causes. Somewhere there entrepreneurs at a funeral, burst pipes in some places, there was no water. Someone due to the disease. Such that there are striking, the Mogilev region stated. According to other regional executive committees, we only receive the information. So I do not know who it is claimed 30 thousand. "
"The authorities are terrified.’s Why they now went Markets"
Chairman of the organizing committee of the public association "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev disagrees with that assessment:
"In one of Bobruisk, about 50 percent finished. Shows were never previously stood. Because of the Mogilev region — it is a complete hoax, too. Currently will isolate information, distort it."
For disk imaging of regions, the authorities reacted very nervously to strike business. Bureaucrats visited markets and find out who does not work and why. Victor Gorbachev said:
"The authorities are, in principle, frightened.’s Why they now went by markets. They want to know the real situation, what will happen when this decree will not change. And the worst thing for them that consolidated" Parking "," Mirror "," Kupala " markets, etc.. Minsk started to stay and it scares them. They plan currently make — who as close, to decide what to plant. ‘Cause we are ready for anything. "
"10 thousand reads — no, we will as before with Cherkizovskiy trash haul is not clear what"
Bureaucrats say, say entrepreneurs do not want to work on documents, and therefore do not agree with the same decree number 760. The representative of the Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Kalinowski said during a meeting with members of the strike:
"In Minsk, 17 and a half thousand legal entities. Their are about 170 thousand people. More than half of them have been working in the field of trade and public supply. This 80 thousand people. Quietly And they carry the product. According to documents rastomazhivayut. You in Minsk 40 thousands of individual entrepreneurs. Around 20 thousand tax payers one. From their half are employed in the trade sector. 10 thousand personal business now pay a flat tax and bringing in a product without documents. 80 thousand works fine for customs clearance documents, etc.. 10 thousand — says no, we will be as before with Cherkizovskiy trash haul is unclear what, and so on. "
"They are people too and want to have"
Participants strikes fear that generally remain without work. In Minsk at the mall "Parking" took part in the strike biznesmenka Svetlana. She works in the malls "Riga" and "Europe":
"Those decrees that gave our government, the president, do not allow further work to businessmen. That decree banning recruit and arrange only relatives demeans man and his rights. A what to do other people, such a state of traders? That they dismiss? They are people too and are willing to have. We rather pay taxes to the government for the right to work. "
To strike businessmen arrived in Minsk city bureaucrats, 2.10.2007
Photo report strikes business, 2.10.2007

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