Human rights activist Yana Palyakova led to a tribunal under escort

According to the policeman, he received orders from his own superiors Polyakov lead the tribunal to hear his case. But no Soligorski court proceedings Yana Polyakova not work. Human rights activist released soon.
Yana Polyakova told "Radio Liberty" that the arbitrator issued Savchenko her a copy of the compulsory process, but not acquainted with the case, which it brought Tipo, and explained to her essence.
"Me and bullied and intimidated at once. Conducted virtually under police escort through the city, although they could cause to the court summons, and I would come myself! Vo-2, give me realize that may be pursued at the indescribable, even fictional reason "- commented on the situation Yana Polyakova.
Yana Polyakova since 2000 engaged in Saligorsk human rights activities. Defended Ivan and Illya Shyla Soligorsk other activists and ordinary people who turned to her for help. In October Ian Polyakov beat police officer, on which human rights activist filed a complaint to the prosecutor. This complaint to This time not considered.

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