I advise you to leave this opposition, so as not to create problems for themselves and others

In the post "Freedom" as before many letters to the arguments of the democratic opposition — about her mistakes and miscalculations, deals with the government and society, what lies ahead.
On one of these messages and start the current conversation.
Cluhach of Polotsk, signed as Vytautas Sticker, writes:
"Democracy is your Belarusian people do not need. Our people are not mature enough for this, and never grow. Belarusian people passive — that promotes our land, swamp. I write in response to the book by Vladimir Orlov" Names of Freedom ", which has just issued your radio. All these characters — the Polish-Belarusian know either their spiritual heirs.
And I advise you to leave the opposition here, so as not to create problems for themselves and others. They said: "He was killed, broken people!" No, pochetaemye, human lives-shkvarachnym charachna own life. And let yourself for your own lives and glorifies the Father.
A small guerrilla Sevyarinets Paul say, "Guys, do not stain for yourself a life! Better get a profession and — to the West! Anyway, you will not succeed. Normal people you do not assimilate." Unfortunately, the Belarusian people remains forever scoop shovel. Maybe it’s not entirely bad. Crazed nationalism in the Baltic republics, we will not.
Those who stood in the Square in 2006 — my honor. I respect their courage. But historical catastrophe often repeated as farce. What comparison indefinite prison — and fifteen days in jail, or a couple of years "chemistry" — and the death penalty?
I do not think that even after the gas war, we will be any configuration. "

In conclusion, the letter remark: "The real and true name of the address — after the victory."
So what did you believe in reality, Sire label — or that the opposition will not work forever and human remains, as you write, "scoop shovel", or in a quick victory of democracy, after which can be subscribe real real name and naming the address?
People — not only those of your friends, who live own "charachna-shkvarachnym" life and so happy existence.
Men and maidens of "Young Front" — not foreigners. They and thousands of other socially active people who, despite persecution and repression of the authorities are fighting for a European future own country, also part of the people. They’re not going to go anywhere, because they live on their own land, in their own state.
With regard to political and sentences that you call a farce. Belarus — is independent European government, and the yard — XXI century. So why is the point of reference for comparison and you, Sire label, choose a completely different historical era — the period of Russian imperialism XIX century with its gallows and hard labor for dissidents? Why not compare the current realities of the life of the Belarusian neighbors — Lithuanians, Latvians, Poles, for whom democracy has become the norm?
On the same topic — a letter from Ira kutsee Kosmacheva of Orsha district:
"Pity the opposition, do not scold them. Dreamers, Don Quixote. At some point, the dictatorship in Belarus will fall apart, but it does not mean that the government will receive segodnyaschy opposition.
Just opposite: all warm places simultaneously capture different chiefs who manage to disguise other faster and assure that they long years inside eroding mode and always secretly were in opposition to Lukashenko. All this has been first and the middle of the 1990s.
Has the democratic opposition to power after the fall of the communist regime? Here’s to you an example of how we have changed the power. Mode will be called differently, and people in positions remain the same, only chairs exchange.
So you need only posoboleznovat our opposition favorite. Certainly, they themselves understand that the real power will never have. "

In the midst of opposition favorites many faces considerable political ambitions and the role of endless losers they do not come to terms, Ms. Kosmacheva. Although the phenomenon of which you argue, indeed, exist. Imagine a revolutionary change of government — some produce — second, and enjoy the fruits of these revolutions are often completely different person.
Many of our students have responded to the statement by the Chairman nedavneshnie Constitutional Court Grigory Vasilevich on the language situation in Belarus.
For the first time in the past thirteen years bureaucrat such rank dared to say in public what in Belarus for each course: discrimination on linguistic grounds people face at every turn, and blame for this does not bear any responsibility.
One of the last cases of distinctive, which not so long ago saying "Freedom" and which referred to the emperor Vasilevich — the incident at Gomel customs, if the demand of the Belarusian-declaration form completed for activist Sergei Semenov drafting administrative report, the tribunal and lots Monetary fine.
That’s what this bill outlook expresses our listener Valery Griţuc from Minsk:
"I poleshuk obliged to fight for the whiteRussian language Belarusians from 1982, when the initiative Kupavy Nicholas joined the requirements for training in the Belarusian language.
Later sought to uphold the Constitution and by the arbitrators. But here is what was the response of the Ministry of Justice in 2000: "In Belarus, the two municipal language … Regulations concerning qualifications of arbitrators do not require a judge ownership of the Belarusian language."
I applied to the court to the Deputy Chief Justice Peter Miklashevich because it is considered an insult. But the courts and the Leninsky district, and the Frunze afraid to bring a case.
Now I saw a youth, who wishes and fights for their rights. Thank you for your courage, Sergei Semen! Thanks sovereign Vasilevich, who awakened sumlennne and duty of a judge.
One of the listeners "Liberty" wrote that the concrete does not proshibesh head. Probesh when the head is strong and, in particular, if the concrete is dated. "

Valery Griţuc also responded to a letter from Paul Lysyuk Baranovichy as sounded in the program "111 Mailbox" on September 22.
"There can not be such, that in the midst of the nomenclature, there was not the 1st decent man with democratic gaze" — wrote the emperor Lysyuk. And offers opposition to strike a deal with such persons. Valery Griţuc about this notice:
"Your answer, sire Valentin accurate. I very well know the nomenclature. Among them there are Belarusians and true, but they are even more afraid of dictator.
Why did not fight my colleagues, members of the BNF for the language? The same disease. Belarusians very highest limit for lazing around the struggle for public affairs and very low limit of horror. These so we all cowardly. And I think that the Russian proverb "one man is no warrior" — not true. And one soldier in the field. Sergey Semenov confirmed it again. Need to fill the courts with cases of protection of their own, our pros! . "

Certainly, sire Griţuc, many supporters of the Belarusian Popular Front with your statement that the BPF fought for language disagree. And remind small period byelorussization late 1980s and first 1990s, when the Popular Front and appeared as if the power disorganized political and economic crisis, went to make many concessions to the language issue.
In general, there is another point of view on the action: if the national-democratic opposition more thoughtfully used the time (not to blindly copied the Baltic experience, and take into account the specifics of Belarus) — maybe political action in the midst of the 1990s unfolded to completely more.
At least, Belarus does not have survived a referendum in 1995, which eventually ended up being signs national municipal and Russian language, in
contrast, acquired municipal status — and thus the country’s renewed policy of Russification.
At the end — a letter from Yuri Novitsky from Minsk:
"In almost all the towns of Belarus destroy building and historical monuments." So what — is heard around. — Suppose we have Kalizeyav own, but the streets — lovely and spotless. "
For example, say that I ever walk on the pavement, on which the Roman legions marching. And the curious thing: anyone around it occurred to pick out one old-fashioned cobblestones and instead put him concrete tile beauty which will last for a year.
And nobody even destroys foreign monasteries and cemeteries, so in their place build a hotel, parking, swimming pool, squash or a very fine ice palace. Instead of the old concrete tower remains stillborn. Alien and unpresentable. "

On the former Russian space provided experience reincarnation majestic cathedrals in the barn, stables, even swimming pools. From militant communist atheism in recent decades, it seems abandoned, but to appreciate its already almost destroyed and dilapidated architectural legacy learned far not everywhere. At least, in most towns in the Belarusian convinced at every step.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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