If there rassredotachivanie, in other words a free education?

According to the Ministry of Education of Belarus for 2006 only from the teacher training institutions 23 cases considered alumni currently in the courts. These graduates have to pay the state for the training because they do not profit by the state for a certain job. A teacher training worth up to 18 million rubles.
Ministry spokeswoman Zoya Yuzhik said:
"In accordance with the position of higher education institutions, in this case, if the graduate is not listed in these funds in order volunteer 6 — month period, sent the case to the tribunal. Graduate receives orders and educational institutions, and calculation of the amount of funds spent on his training. When he 6-month period does not voluntarily returned the funds, then the case is sent to the judicial authorities. "
"Decisions that he should return the money was not"
One such case is currently engaged lawyer Dmitry Dark. University graduate worked at the place rassredotachivaniya one year. But due to a conflict with the administration was dismissed. At the moment, the school requests that he paid for a year of training — about 16 million rubles — and court costs. If these funds are not paid, the court officer will begin delineate property. Forced to repay the funds on the basis of government decision about returning to the budget, the state spent on preparation worker, employee or spices. Lawyer draws attention, that this decision came at the end of 2006, after his client rassredotachivaniya:
"In practice it was ordered to pay the funds according to the decision, which comes out is the reverse effect. On Actually no normative act has no reverse power. Almost at the moment it was only rassredotachivaniya ruling that he must work and decisions that he should return the money was not. "
"Serfdom goes"
One of the graduates who desired to call his own behalf, said that he had fallen into place for rassredotachivaniyu student who studied for a special direction. But in the place uttered not need spices:
"Just goes that I went on rassredotachivaniyu enterprise which is not interested in my candidacy. I just went there and they wrote a letter to the Institute of him I got a reply within a certain time that I have to repay the funds that have been spent on my training. There more than 15 million rubles. By March 2008 . "
Deputy House of Representatives Avdeev Natalia says that at least some student must work municipal funds. And she does not agree that education is free in Belarus:
"How is it free? If a student enrolled in the budget, the government pays for it, it’s our taxes, taxpayers. Naturally, this young special regime would like to stay in Minsk, go to some personal clinic. And who will now be in the countryside people cure and teach? "
One graduate says that few students are willing to move on rassredotachivaniyu:
"In principle, this article of the Constitution is violated on a free education. Which means free, if you want to work! Testing — this is coming out, it is assumed some kind of payment. Serfdom out. When I joined the company, which must fulfill these two years, I immediately looked at as really to serfdom such person and they say: "You are at our disposal …"
If the constitution says that education is free, it is financed from the budget, which my ancestors converted 9 percent own payroll, so I had the opportunity to free education. It turns out that my ancestors have paid taxes as it should, and now I need to pay again. It turns out that I pay education second time. "
"In our opinion, if there rassredotachivanie, the constitution guaranteed free education does not exist"
Belarusian Helsinki Committee has prepared a request to the Constitutional Tribunal regarding rassredotachivaniya and free education. BHC member Tatiana Gatsura explains:
"In our opinion, if there rassredotachivanie, the constitution guaranteed free education does not exist. Free education is guaranteed by the constitution. And in our opinion, is that there rassredotachivanie that you must work, is that you seem to be paying for their education. And because this constitutional proposition just is not done. Education Act rassredotachivanie unconstitutional. "

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