In Belarus, the four firms with 600 provide 25% of inbound tourism

Another first in the 2000s, the holiday season nearly a million people in Belarus to travel abroad countries — mostly on the Black Sea coast of Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.
But with the introduction of a number of States visa Belarus almost everything has changed. In recent years they say market experts at a maximum of half a million Belarusians who allow themselves to foreign holidays.
Percussion Quartet tourist market
And while these numbers many times more if associated with the number of foreigners who are moving to Belarus.
In This year for the first half of the year, according to statistics of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the country with tourist purposes visited 47,381 people.
This markedly more than the same period last year: 6 months of 2006, Belarus has 35 thousand visitors.
Head of the Union tourism organizations Valentin Tsahmeystar states that on the market more than 600 travel agencies, only a few really lure foreign tourists to Belarus.
Namely, four large company among them "Zneshinturyst," "Around the World", "Sakub" and "Alatan Tour" provides 25% of foreigners taken:
"Sending and Receiving, as though any other business, should only deal with the wizard. Blur But this one dumping zabavyazavshy all firms in the market to engage in reception — not the best solution.
Since there are firms that are on the Actually it is the casewas masterful, and others simply for the sake of their own style relative who stopped in the case of Belarus to visit. And so make a plan for a tick.
But if you read in general, given the principles enunciated Sports and Tourism Ministry and the entry into force of the new law on tourism, this is reflected in the arrival and popularization of Belarus. "
Foreign tourists — mostly Russians
If you look at the statistics, the lion’s share of tourists in Belarus are Russian. From the time they prefer nedavneshnego Belarusian health resorts, which in good honey base remain for quite a cheap Russian people.
Calculate total statistics "Westerners" can not even responsible for the tourism sector bureaucrats: the majority of tourists from the same EU — transit passengers on their way to Russia. In Belarus, they are invited to a one-or two-day excursion programm.
As the Valentin Tsahmeystar, while inbound tourism plan will be carried out "Russian resource":
"A special success as the Russians have before Belarusian health resorts and holiday resorts. They are usually sold before July, and in fact to the end of the season is already sold out.
Specifically why the Russians are buying in most cases? Because their value for these properties in our health centers until applicable. At least, at the present level energavydatkav. Maybe something will change subsequent season.
We’ll see when the price characteristics jerk upwards. Statistics for a particular season will show how much we have taken — but, of course, these numbers will be different from the previous season in the best side that to receive tourists. "
Wait for the company carte blanche?
Sovereign Tsahmeystar believes: if the company that actually entice foreign tourists to Belarus, get some carte blanche from the country (at least in the form of tax benefits), the situation could very quickly and dramatically improve.
But now even the municipal rating not give the main suppliers of foreign tourists discounts because they do not behold the long-term prospects in this. Another thing that does not provide the appropriate statistical reporting is a technical plane.
While Belarus is used as a transshipment point, if the Russian on a day or two or three on the road West terminated with excursions in Belarus. But many are moving train and transplanted into Polish Terespol on Polish and Lithuanian buses — Belarus and almost come.
According to professionals, because of the lack of comfortable buses park on which it increasingly difficult to get to Europe, already rare tourists start to go around Belarus through Poland or Lithuania. Buy the latest technology is not for that — even put money together, the cost of 200 thousand euro unit may result.

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