In Belarus, there was the first alley sobriety

In the village every weekend Mosar come weave tourists to look at "Belarusian Versal": how the area around the church has prospered priest Juozas Bulka. Visitors go to the source of water to the pharmaceutical and consider scenic landscapes — Park, topped with statues rates with water lilies decorated klyumby. But on Sunday, several hundred people came specially to St. Anne’s Church to drop here alleykami sobriety. Thought to make this alley also belongs to the local priest Juozas Bulka — known to the whole of Belarus fighter drunkenness.

The priest prays Juozas Bulka together with thoseand who came to drop alleykami sobriety

"This problem — drunkenness, drugs — says the priest Juozas. — 70 years ago people have taken God and gave nothing in return. Currently re-educated: no driving moonshine, no trade leads them Mosar. Currently executive committee decided, To make the area sobriety here — that in the village shops were not spirits.
Priest Juozas prepared about 30 evergreen seedlings tui to drop them between stones along tremendous newest mall. It starts from the statue of Moses, which were discovered major commandments of righteous living.
For some present righteous life started relatively recently — with addition time, as they refuse to drink alcohol habits. And planted the first trees in the alley were invited guests — members of Alcoholics Anonymous who came to Mosar not only from different parts of Belarus, and from Lithuania and Russia.

Friends of the "association" Optimalist "came to Mosar

Many people came and those who wish to assist their mother to get rid of alcoholic addiction. Planting a tree, present often shared with their relevant stories.
"I came for the tree to drop spouse — says Ms. — After very hard live with and among zapivohoy zapivoh, I Sharkovshchina area working as a milkmaid. And we all drink there, the one I like the snow-white crow. N the midst of very difficult» zapivoh live! "
"When I drank only beer, it believed that in general sober — Sovereign states under 50 years. — Sometimes that just for a day was a bottle of beer, and it happened that four bottles of vodka! And finally my wife drove from house. That’s when I had the opportunity to reflect. After all, 20 years old, I was drinking, I did not consider himself a drunkard — I thought, so that n» are all … And, thank God, for 11 years and 7 months I stay sober. "

Small arborvitae soon rise, and there is a real alley

People who came to Catholic Church in v.Mosar, and went to the local museum antyalkagolnuyu propaganda. By priest Juozas certain exhibits — such as moonshine — were donated by local residents, who parted ways with a bad habit.

Museum exhibition "Breakfast drunkard"
The museum people leave pieces of paper with the names of their loved ones — that prayer for their assist to cope with alcoholism

But, as a local resident knows grandmother Jozef in Mosar quite thrown drinking far not all:
"Here is my scion quit drinking, happy … But there are some people who can not and wean. A priest fights our how to hear that someone got drunk, ready to crawl on my knees — ready to help out!"

Soft cafe kiosk at the gate of the church Mosorskoe

Around the church there is a kiosk in Mosar cafe where there are no trade in alcohol or cigarettes. But in nearby villages pradayutsa spirits everywhere, as in district Deepest where either every month opens brand new cafe or shop. So that the "zone of sobriety" of which read priest Juozas, district bureaucrats decided to create perhaps one taken separately village. This too can be tell tourists that come to look at the result of the work of priest-workers.
• Antyalkagolnuyu company priest Bulka, 17.05.2007 • Belarusian Paris blossom 2.08.2006

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