In Brest convicted youth activist Inga Abramova

As witnesses were present in court four policemen. They justify that Inga Abramova Profanity in the center of Masherov avenue.
Activist movement "For Freedom" Inga Abramova was arrested October 10 around 20:00. Police officer ordered the brakes, and later called Task Force. Together with Inga Abramova public activist was detained Yuri Bacourt. He is now sentenced to 10 days in jail.
Mama Inga Abramova also Inga said Radio Liberty:
"Everything was decided in advance. Policemen give different readings. One of them states that Tipo swore in one place. Others justify that when boarding a car. Quite different evidence. Without conscience lie. They are allowed, they can not draw . I’m shocked. This can not comment. "

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