In Grodno Kalinouski student arrested on 5 days

In October district court of Grodno referee Lyudmila Beetle asked the police — what neprelichnymi words called them at detention Eugene Skrabutan? On the battlefield was indicated in the protocol.
Detained Skrabutan local inspectors Gennady Pyshinsky and Victor Adereyko. First said that there were "dangers performance penalty" and "send away the danger," the second said that he heard swearing, and I quote, "with the introduction of the genitals."
Complaining such explanations satisfied. Although Eugene Skrabutan said that does not use neprelichnoy battle, he was put on 5 days.
Our radio Eugene talked to him, for which he was arrested on Actually:
"I brought stickers" Euro march ", badges, wrist watches" For Freedom ", but they took everything, the whole bag. Compiled protocol whereby must perform an examination.
It was noticeable that they were expecting me at the station, while waiting for something that I will take, because detained. Later there were only invented accusations — that I swore Tipo obscenities. "
Referee Lyudmila Beetle explained that the situation made more difficult Eugene Skrabutan that first year he was arrested for a day or three — too Tipo neprelichnuyu for swearing. He said that he was then isolated at the local elections.
Eugene Skrabutan — Party "Junior Front"He taught in the fourth year of the Belarusian Institute of Philology of Warsaw. Previously, he was a student at the Institute of Grodno, where he was twice expelled.
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