In Grodno removed detective about gold Napoleon

Russian film company "Ugra" of Khanty-Mansiysk takes Grodno series about Napoleon search of valuables. We’re on the set. This is a courtyard between the Socialist streets and telegraph. There is an old stone buildings, probably they lured the attention of the crew. Small house on the sign changed, now it is written in Russian "Wine. Vodka". While what’s happening lunch with Soldiers thermoses lady imposes Grechnev porridge. Just before the shooting had just put rails kinakamery.
We talk with the director of the film "Margot. Fiery Cross" Alexander globin. Belarus has a lot of tradition that Napoleon gold hidden somewhere here. Whether geographically linked with Belarus actions occurring in your movie?
Globin: "We do not specify the address specified, we fabrications city Borislav, Russian city. But it borders Russia and Belarus, where Napoleon could pass where he could drown own baggage. Important for us in our movie that were in the convoy removed from Moscow Napoleon tablets demon. By genre our movie — magic detective, and all the action takes place around the tables of the fight for the devil. "
Reporter: "In soon Grodno attracts the attention of filmmakers in including from Russia. What attracted you to this city than liked? "
Globin "The most important thing: The city has preserved its history, it has a very fine central historical part, churches, there is a multi-style in this town. And since we have a magic detective in town just there are some fabulous and it attracts us, we try to express it in a picture. "
Reporter: "It is curious, and involved the residents in the crowd?"
Globin "Fact, extras that we use, but very little, as we shoot pustovat city, it mysterious, and we do not want to do such a hectic big city, there was kind of emptiness, some shadows, something incomprehensible, such style movie . "
Reporter: "As we see, Grodno involved in this movie highly enough. However, Alexander Globin noted that in the movie half-Belarusian actors and shooting will continuecamping, explained the director. "
In pictures: lunch on the set, everything is in motion — began shooting.

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