In Humanities Lyceum Kolas classes began

Now high school students began classes. As students and teachers in the summer are in Poland, where they combine study and leisure, in September last vacation. Such a situation and winter: at Christmas, when students have a rest, leaving Vilnius Lyceum and there has the ability to trained in the building of the Lyceum of the Lithuanian laboratories, sports hall, furnished office.
Currently part of the high school students in conjunction with the director Vladimir Kolosov is in Poland at the invitation of the Polish colleagues for the role in the joint project "People’s album."
Ul.Kolas "contest. Mon In wanting to take out of 5 1 person "
Says Vladimir Kolos:
"Do not even accept all comers. Contest. Mon In wanting to take out of 5 1 person. Tackling quite formidable. "
Lyceum teacher Lavon Barshcheuski believes that This year, despite all the difficulties illegal existence, it became easier to work with. He explains this by the fact that for four years managed to work out some things to pay less attention to them.
"Education at the Lyceum allows you to focus specifically on learning and pazaklyasnay activities under interests the students themselves, and not by order of the authorities, as it is currently in schools. As for prospects, then, of course, as there is in the country of the current system of oppression, danosnitstva system deception, construction education to complete formalities and abeschalavechvannya education, this need will remain. "
Lyceum pupil Pauline says that at the moment did not go to school everyday:
"I’m here to learn more fun than at school and not only because that there the smallest group and approach to their teachers and to us totally different. I like to participate in pazaklyasnyh events. At the moment we put the play "The People’s album," we go to different festivals even abroad. I like to participate in concerts from time to time make Lyceum students themselves. "
Lyceum student Dmitry Galyanav shared his plans:
"I am preparing to be a DJ Lyceum, as our DJ Gennady Rabbit rapidly complete the Lyceum. It is in the fourth year. He taught me a few of DJ technique. When we are in Poland, we are given an opportunity to put to the pupils and discos like them. The students not only love to learn, and the rest, too. "
In high school currently enrolls approximately 70 students. In the first year of their existence was illegal twentieth 100 high school graduates enrolled in popular European and Belarusian institutions.
Kolos, "Traditions of the Lyceum not allow the student to become a bad person", 20.08.2007

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