In Krychau area involved the illegal export of meat to Russia?

"Narodnaya Volya" writes about the scandal, which does not subside over the election of the chairman of the village council Kolodischanskogo — Oleg Ivankov. He was elected to the session of the Minsk district council, March 13, this year. This nominee proposed chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Mikhail Glinsky, although most of the deputies twice previously voted against sovereign Ivankov. But lawmakers still forced to elect a candidate from the vertical. MPs appealed to the prosecutor. September 17 has a different district council session, which recognized the election of the chairman Oleg Ivankov Kolodischanskogo village council illegal. But history has its Continuation: MPs who have applied to the prosecutor, as candidates for the post of chairman of the village council Kolodischanskogo decided not to nominate. Oleg Ivankov continues to serve as chairman, and its potential to advance again.
Newspaper "Free City" reported that the group operates in Krychau capital professionals in the fight against economic crime — Tipo in Krychau area recorded cases of illegal export of meat to Russia. Knows the editor of "Free City" Sergei Uneven.
"Meat prices in Russia are even higher, because not only private persons are trying to earn something, skupayuchy meat and selling here in Russia, but even the collective."
"Bobruisk courier" conducted a survey in the midst of the inhabitants of Bobruisk, they fear dogs on the streets. The survey made by the fact that House of Representatives preparing a new bill that is able to make the rules of keeping pets tougher. Heroes of the survey are not afraid of dogs in general. For example, one respondent said that when the dog sees a threatening manner, it simulates throw rocks to scare the animal itself.

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