In Kurapaty victims commemorated

At the memorial service in Kurapaty gathered more than 2-10’s people. Among them were activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front", chairman of the section "Memorial" Society for Protection of monuments and historical heritage Vladimir Romanovsky, helpers "case of 14" Anton Koipish and Vladimir Sergeev, representatives of the intelligentsia.

After about crosses laid flowers and lit candles placed, held an impromptu rally. The first speaker was Vladimir Romanovsky:
"There was another form of punishment as a disqualification.’s Specific disqualification, inability to express the people the right to choose their own power and using power — and this is at the moment a vestige of the period of the 37th year."
One of the favorites businessmen Ales Makaeu addressed the audience:
"Thanks to this place, for sure, our Belarus began to be independent in 1991. If conscious Belarusians will be the number of sufferers, those that are here and throughout Belarus, it will pantyen Belarus."
May Ctashevskaya in 1937, lost his father Alexander Stashevskiy. Her mother spent eight years in a camp for wives repressed Kazastane that short was called "Algeria" (Akmola state wives of traitors). G. stashevsky told her story.
"My father Alexander Osipovich Staszewski. Most highest position he was secretary of the CEC of the BSSR was the NKVD, he held a number of positions … He was arrested April 27, 1937 …
We lived in Minsk. In the house, which is currently worth, such an old house. There Golodeda and Worms were our neighbors. It was such a "communal". We had four rooms and a shared bath, kitchen with these neighbors. "
Mom May stashevsky returned to Minsk. The lady said, as they tortured wife Chervyakova. Eventually she could not stand torture and died in the camp.
Activist of "Young Front" Yulia Mikhailova two years reversing learned about Kurapaty.
"I was in grade 9. I came across a leaflet to what has been written about Kurapaty. Makarom only way I found out about Kurapaty. At school we did not know anything per se. I’m sorry that the graduates of our schools do not know about those events, which occurred in Kurapaty. This problem of history textbooks. "
Vladimir Sergeev recently invited all those present to meet Santa in Kurapaty on Cleanup to clean the graves and bring order to the whole area.
For action followed a 10-ka policemen, but in action, did not intervene.

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