In Minsk 15-day arrest activists sentenced three civilians

October 1 Borisov Dmitry and Svetlana Barodka Gorokhovik met in Minsk Leonid Novitsky, which released on the day of the detention center in Akrestsin where Nowicki served 10 days in jail. About 17 hours, and all 3 arrested, taken to the Central police station first, then the special distribution. Standard charges: behaved defiant, rude swearing in the address police officers.
Student of the 4th year of the Faculty of Applied arithmetic BSU Svetlana Gorokhovik that police witnesses also blamed rough battle, says:
"There was never such. General I never use swear words, so very sorry that these people as evidenced by the forced write such reports. "
Referee Central district court of Minsk Tatiana Paulyuchuk heard only police witnesses. Regiment of militia fighters spacialist Sergei Nemogay Alexander Kruglikov and Vitaly Ostrovsky yesterday, as they explained in court, (quote) "have served to search for persons who distribute printed materials disposition against the state." Around the house number 11 on the street Zaslavskaya police saw 2-boys and the lady who came in Tipo entrances and within 3-5 minutes out there. Detainees, according to nemogu, Kruglikova and Ostrovsky refused to produce documents, behaved defiant, rude swearing at the address police. Because they were detained. Whereupon police have allowed access to police Barodka own car. Dmitry Barodka claims that detained them at the other end of the town, when they were driving:
"We took some of the stadium" Tractor. "Machine" blocked "police car when I drove home Leonid. Borisov We went and we were detained."
Svetlana Gorokhovik indicates:
"We went by car to the town of Borisov, home. We were detained by traffic police, began to seek documents we have given, and later ran two men in civilian clothes. It was about 17 hours. Later taken to the police station, there was held for about 4 hours. Moreover, to me there was no debate. They took all things and after 11 minutes the night took on Akrestin. "
But the referee Tatiana Paulyuchuk took into account only the testimony of policemen. The arbitrator held that the penalty will not be enough and condemned Leonid Novitsky, Zmiter Barodka and Svetlanu Gorokhovik 15 days of arrest. In this case, not fully taken into account the person convicted — temporarily unemployed Leonid Novitsky, for example, more than once brought to administrative responsibility, and Svetlana Gorokhovik tried for the first time.
Svetlana Gorokhovik
Driven convicts to serve their sentences

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