In Minsk, commemorated the victims of Stalinist repression

Year In memory of the victims of Stalin’s repressions in Belarus public committee conducts a number of shares. They are confined to the 70th anniversary of the culmination of the Stalinist repression in the country. Now in 15 hours about 10 people laid flowers and lit candles at the cross in Minsk park CHelyuskincev. This is one of the recognizable places of execution victims of repression. Member of the public committee Vladimir Romanovsky said:
"Specifically, the number 29 was the peak settlement of people. These were destroyed by day prominent people in the country. Was therefore decided to make the 29th memorial funny day of memory of victims of the Stalinist regime. This is the worst period."
Each month, citizens visit the park and CHelyuskincev Kurapaty, October 29, they plan to mark a day of memory.
"So makarom, in over this year honored the memory of those who died. This, in fact, our fathers and mothers. "
Vladimir Romanovsky said that the committee approached the authorities, that they supported the idea of honoring the memory of the victims of Stalin’s regime:
"The position of this — and what for you Shevelev these bones? Imagine immorality relations to such matters? We need to preserve the memory, the more than that our fathers and grandfathers were sufferers victims. Death is not actually killed, and killed them. "
Mourners at the cross in the park CHelyuskincev sang "God Almighty" and headed to Kurapaty, which also laid flowers.
One of the participating shares, Love Sokolovsky, said:
"We are not the first time we come here. This 70 years as began the most brutally Stalinist repression. And so we come here to honor the memory of the innocent victims of Stalinism. And Kurapaty, and other places throughout Belarus. We care about these victims. And although we this country remember them. "
Lasts a day or preparations to celebrate the memory of October 29. Heads of public committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression directed chairman of the Belarusian KGB letter to allow them to lay flowers to the building interior bullpen KGB in Minsk. At this point in the night from 29 to 30 October 1937 shot about 100 people.
Conservative Christian Party BPF is applying to the Minsk City Executive Committee to hold a day of memory and mourning processions Protz rally in Kurapaty, which means to hold on October 28.

On October 29, set a new Kurapaty memorial symbol, 26.09.2007
M.Charnyavski explore the history of post-war anti-communist resistance, 24.09.2007

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