In Minsk, the difficulties with the supply of milk

In the first half of a day or I have visited several shops in Minsk. All complained that the supply of milk in the cheapest kind packages for 700-900 rubles from urban dairies decreased.
In vniversame "Suharevskaya" milk in bags was not. Yesterday brought only eight boxes instead of 30 2-hoo.
On the situation with milk saleswoman said:
"The situation SOS, bad. Have to take with communities. "
In store "Shine" was a small amount of milk, but tlustastsyu two and a half percent. Commodity Bukreeva Larissa said:
"Fact, that they currently do not apply to one hundred percent, 100 percent and 50 and 30. A premise for sure, known to our high management, but not for us. "
The main board of the consumer market Mingorispolkom sent a telephone message to the shops.
It says: "In this time tense situation with the supply of dairy products of the town of Minsk. To prevent disruptions in trade of dairy products, we consider it expedient in October to provide primary filing range to the regional dairy factory. "
Should cover the rest of the three Minsk dairies. Signed this letter council deputy Vladimir Koltovich, which reads:
"There is a problem of supply of raw materials, milk base tlustastsi plants. That’s their problem. Who gets the milk trade not only plants of Minsk, and of areas. Last month a little different situation. "
In the stores I visited, milk plants of the district has not yet received. Although Minsk, Mogilev and Brest milk tetra pack was — it is more expensive.
Deputy director of the Minsk dairy number 3 Gennady Zhdanovich explained that lacks raw materials and soon switched to factory Tetra packaging:
"As required about 350 tons of raw materials we have 210-215 tons. Clear that nobody wants to give raw materials. At the city receives less raw materials. In town, usually shortchanged 50-70 tons per day. Plant is not at full capacity works. "
Decreased range of shops and oil. Gennady Zdanowicz said:
"All the same, one more question. If no raw materials, it is nothing to do and. We do not produce oil for about a month, due to lack of raw materials. All urban factories were in such a situation.
Raw materials only from Minsk region lacks. Minsk region large and milk. She and many plants. Take Slutsky Nesvizhski, dumplings. It is a massive factory, while aimed at deep processing, cheeses desirable. Because the city is already on leftovers. "
Why not have enough raw materials? This question summer touched on a conference call with the head of state Alexander Lukashenko. In the Ministry of Agriculture tried to calm — say, problems with almost no milk.
Managing Mises Center economist Yaroslav Romanchuk explained to:
"It was with cement with other products. If the cost of raw materials outside our country two to three times higher, certainly, our company land to earn, raw materials are taken there.
If it goes further, it will be like in 1998-1999, when Lukashenko’s testicles, read about the sour cream. So it will be with milk 2007. Cycle has passed, and these people have not learned anything. "

In Minsk store "Raubichi" in the first half of the saleswoman exhibited in the window yesterday’s milk from 2-boxes. On display — everything has a shop

In store "Zarina" milk in packages already sold. Pensioner left only drink from whey

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