In Popov beautiful hardware training — he is well aware of his place

V.Parfenovich "Popov — a good man. But it’s not a profession"
That outlook about the change of the ex-deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, a member of the parliamentary group "Respublika" Parfenovich. He, namely, convinced that castling Kanaplyou — Popov inadequate in their own "political weight":
"Nothing has changed. Exclusively in the worst terms will all evolve. Plenty of Parliament now in Belarus. When we were, could calculate 5 or 10 members who have at least read somethingand. Now in general no one reads.
Parliament does not solve anything, any Act of Parliament does not write. He only sees the laws that come from the presidential administration.
If you look specifically at Popova … Popov — is, well, nobody. And when we were in the same Popov was none. About any respect for his speech is not — no respect to Popov. Maybe only as a man — a good man, and all. But it’s not a profession, for it means do not pay.
And no need to find a game here. Everything is going in the direction in which programmed. Because there are no configurations, and can not be late. Here live until winter, and there will be a configuration. And now that worry? Now heat the apartment had not yet heated. But if you turn on the gas to its fullest, then the configuration will be. Now, what to worry about? "
U.Nistsyuk "Popov — not any successor or Konopleva Lukashenko"
The last member of the Supreme Council Vladimir Nistuk calls election parliament head Vadim Popov routine technical substitution, which does not affect the work of Deputies:
"Naturally, hemp on this site was more effective and versatile speaker. Since he had not only experience, and great confidence on the part of Alexander Lukashenko, by the deputies themselves.
What happened to him, no one knows, but the man was gone. And I see that at the moment it is just a sensible step. In 1-x, Popov still has experience spikerstva. In-2, age he no longer disclaims any first role in Belarusian politics. B-3, is the continuity he worked together with Kanaplyou all together once accumulating.
Because I see that it’s justs technical mission which will provide quite a measured and measured the work of the House of Representatives during the preparation for the parliamentary elections. From the perspective of the authorities is entirely reasonable step. Well, that konkurentnst currently deployed? Fight for the first person at a time when a difficult situation in the country and if in the grip of some kind of crisis going on?
Because like so at the technical level appointed person, he will bring it before the end of the convocation, and later we will elect a new people. That it is not the successor of Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Konopleva successor, I have no doubt. "
S.Alfer "Popov lowered Bill — Popov accept the law"
Member of the Political Council of the United civilian party Sergei Alfer recent actual chairman of the House of Representatives considers Popova predictable step — when Popov was on that position, he clearly demonstrated knowledge of their place in the political hierarchy:
"We have already secured Popova experience chairman of the House of Representatives. This experience shows that nothing in the work of the House will not change. It will work completely smoothly, so Makarov as worked during all those years — and before Popov managed it, and after.
Because of it, in the 1-x, do not depend, and in-2, it is not bad hardware training in this respect: he realizes his place firmly. And his place is: filed bills — bills must be accepted.
The only thing that can somehow move the work of the House of Representatives — that’s just when the bills that will come out of the presidential administration, will in some way for the majority of campers themselves. Then they can be, and will be more careful. But, as pointed out by life, such laws are almost never comes. "
Vadim Popov was elected chairman of the House of Representatives, 2.10.2007 • Deputies will Speaker, budget and language, 2.10.2007

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