In Synkavitskay church now sounded Mighty God

A 12-hour prayer service in the church began. Immediately felt how raschudesnye speakers here. All the same, the church not only inimitable own outdoor unusual architecture. Whoever built it, conceived as the voice will sound here.
Artemy father abbot very loudly read prayers and sang the chorus instead of two seminarians Zhirovitsy. Their voice and floated around the temple, creating a beautiful atmosphere.
Father Arseny before that did not hide his own excitement, however, saw that happening in merapryemtva quite cozy atmosphere, as students from schools Elkavskay not allowed here, and the congregation is quite insignificant.
Father Arseny: "The local population is not quite felt responsibility before God that he gave them the church. Know, few people here strongly walks."
Organized a day of spiritual Christian poetry poet Michas Scoble and writer, ethnographer Sergei Chigrin — they both come from Zelva district. A celebration of the blessed Bishop Artemije of Grodno.
Michas Scoble provided word poet Ales Storozheva th Znich presented the latest book "The Way to Zhirovichi" Olga Ipatova read poems about Sofia as of Synkovichy she has not yet written, but said that he was writing a book at the moment of Vytautas, that has most concrete dachygnenne church. Everything happened in the temple, before the altar, they all stood and listened to the sermon the priest reads.
Anatoly Vertinskij mood noted that is when you open the newest tradition: a poetry reading in the Belarusian churches. Tit Gregory gave the church a picture drawn by the far peninsula in the Aegean Sea. It only monastery and the sea. Sergei Chigrin spoke as a child spent time around the church.
Hall is one hundred percent subsided when I started to sing the Minsk Philharmonic soloist Tatiana Matafonova. She sang "Oh, Belarus, May Briar" the words of Vladimir Dubovki.
Michas Scoble presented Pope Artemy book Larissa Heniyush, said many kind words about her. The event ended with the fact that Tatiana Matafonova sang "God Almighty".
After the celebration, I asked Olga Ipatova share their experiences.
Ipatova: "You know, I do not have bad memory, and although there was not students who had come here, you have heard for ourselves, then sounded Christian poetry, spiritual. I think people will give to your children and grandchildren when they come home, this bit of our love and our highest uzneslastsi that prevailed in this ancient temple. "
The whole day next to the church zealous workers: the belfry changed pan, next to the temple to set the scene, set up tents, even on a cattle farm, which is 20 meters, milkmaids painted windows. Tomorrow Synkovichy to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the church come Metropolitan Filaret.
In Synkovichi a festival of Christian poetry, 29.09.2007

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