In the center of Grodno streets Bykov can not be

In the executive committee is nothing certain about the likely occurrence in the town streets Bykov I did not say.
Then I turned to the deputy city council last convocation Antusevich Sergei, who made an effort to somehow perpetuate the name of a famous writer in the town where he lived and wrote his works in almost a quarter century.
"There was a number of proposals, including renaming Boulevard Lenin Komsomol Boulevard Vasil Bykov. Collected over four hundred signatures if they were handed over to me with a letter, as a deputy of the city council, to transfer to the city council, "- told Sergei Antusevich.
On the street Bykov had read at the session of the City Council.
"The session was held, and after I got the standard answer — that, unfortunately, to perpetuate the memory by renaming streets is unrealistic because there is a ban on it, which took more deputies last convocation. Whereupon no other steps are not done "- recalls the last city council member Antusevich.
Inhabitants of 40 years of Victory Avenue very indignant that it was named after Leonid Kletskova — former first secretary of the regional committee of the PBC.
"And whereupon City Council of Deputies decided freezing, suspension renaming city streets. New entries can be given only streets where buildings or on the outskirts of town, in personal development.
But of course, that such figures as Vasil Bykov, me, for example, it would not suit perfectly — that it was a small street. And power is that they can at least at the moment to call out Bykov somewhere in the neighborhood "- says Antusevich.
True, the city council decided to install a plaque Vasil Bykov.
To do business architect Vladimir Panteleev, he recalls:
"Then there wasjust about the decision of the executive committee, and I was given this case promote. But ran-ran, and at some step to realize that none of my this case. I have to get the order and do the work — and all. But no progress in this regard, no. "
Authorities considered unnecessary to make its own decision on the plaque Vasil Bykov.

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