In the House of Representatives passed more than 40 thousand signatures of people

On Independence Square in Minsk two hours before the session of the House of Representatives were leaders of the Minsk police and intelligence services.
A 10am several regional activists of the democratic movement, the commandos did not know in person, managed to enter the Government House to pass signatures of people against repeal of benefits the House of Representatives.
Lebedko: "What a country — that of the parliament"
Half an hour later they were joined by a few people, but if the square came Anatoly Lebedko, riot police formed a human chain and blocked his path.
Later on the radio sounded command "Skip" — and a favorite of the United civilian parties together with Valentina and Sergei Kalyakin Polevikova entered the building.
Anatoly Lebedko Government House claimed complaints book:
"What a country — and that of Parliament. Shamefully me, since I worked here six years. Then head nobody would come to keep people in the building. That now happens, just shameful.
Wrote that the people on the physical level is not allowed to have violated their constitutional rights. Four complaints in the book means only one thing — they do not need anyone. We wrote the text for the moment even more than there for three years. "
"We expect that further"
Social pickets, collecting signatures of people in the House of Representatives and the beginning of the procedure of review of certain deputies — all part of preparation for the "march of the Public."
Committee Chairman Valery Ukhnalev said "Freedom":
"They have no reason, so that’s worth with this chain of commandos, because they had a skirmish with Lebedko, do not let him … If the power would have been smarter, it is clear that passed all who wish to come to the deputy for 5 minutes .
Would give all the signatures they have collected. How would react deputies — is another matter. Would have expected more. "
Representatives of the opposition do not believe that the letter with signatures will be presented by session
Representatives of public organizations of liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster handed signature is not separately deputy, and the commission.
Among them was Vasily Siliverstov with Gomel region:
"Hard to many issues that concern us, Chernobyl. Practically, this decision of our life and our death."
Alexander Volchanin from Borisov added:
"This question must be solved, for now Belarus — the only country where canceled all compensation and benefits. Need th international status liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy. This is a global tragedy, and we defended not only Belarus, and whole world . "
Representatives of the opposition do not believe that the letter with signatures of people and the requirement not to take benefits will announce at the session. But the opposition will continue to collect signatures to have arguments for the configuration of social policy in the country.
Opposition will bear the signatures in the House of Representatives, 2.10.2007
Detained in Minsk regional activists, 1.10.2007

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