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Alexei daw "monument to Yanka Kupala GO Muscovites"
Alexei Galka on residence — from Moscow, passport — Russian Federation citizen. All his life he engaged belorusiki, holds a Ph.D. in Philology and candidate of historical sciences, long time editor of the magazine "Russian Slavonic." September 20 recognizable scientist celebrated its 70th anniversary with what his phone and congratulated Michas Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Alex, give God for you and continue to live as noticeable as you have lived 70 years!"
Alexei Galka: "Thank you, nice to hear compliments from the Motherland."
Scoble: "You can name a dozen people from Belarus, who, living in Moscow, on its own roots Belarusian recall only when it is politically advisable. You in the community — from Moscow, passport — a citizen of the Russian Federation, Belarus live markedly as a writer, as Belarusian historian. How to you manage to keep his Belarusian "I" in everyday encounter with Russian society? "
Galka: "Must make your objection to the reproach of the address of the Belarusians in Moscow or in Russia in general — in the sense of their own nedemanstravannya Belarusian. Outside can agree with that, but I know from personal observation that Belarusians here in Moscow, and policies, and generals, men of different professions, all the same at heart have national Belarusian neravnadushsha. "
Scoble: "And who directly from the capital Belarusians could you call?"
Galka: "Well, at least Vladimir Kovalenko, a figure that no states legendary. Diversified person if approached from a political standpoint. He does not" inadvertently "participated in the revival of Belarus, in 1991 recorded the white-red-white flag of the Supreme Council . opportunism characteristic not only for the capital Belarusians, this general feature of our state. I would have said it — a strategy, not a strategy. So let’s take into consideration.
As for me, my profession, my position plainclothes pulled away from me if you do not demonstrate, that certain manifestations of Belarusian. And when you discover whether its in the printed word, in public speeches, that is not always met with an adequate awareness. And had to argue and defend themselves, and at times angry. Life is life. "
Scoble: "For 40 years of his life in Moscow had to you to deal with manifestations of Russian chauvinism?"
Galka: "For me personally — no. I’m sure that in the end everything is depending on you, on how you manifestuesh as you discover your own Belarusian. Which arguments you bring, through which the system behavior you make it . If an educated man, if he knows his Russian culture, it can still convince. Worse happens when you sit at the same table or, God forbid, in the same ward lying two weeks. And your companion starts to get involved: "That would be us" father "per se, which would have brought order to our Russian bedlame" … It was then compress teeth and silent … Because you feel — all your explanation will not come. "
Scoble: "It is often said that the Belarusian and Russian — fraternal peoples. Brotherhood But also different happens, happens and Cain … What prevents the Russian cultural elite refers to the Belarusians as a people?"
Galka: "Russian literature is correct and has not responded to the" Belarusian issue. "And then I remember one case hunt. Remember, reversing 10 years already begun this integration: a single people, a single government, a single ruble … seemed about to and Belarus and Russia merge. And we have planned to hold a forum in Moscow cultural figures with almost motto "Hands off-independent Belarus!". And I called Vasil Bykov — he would not have agreed to take part in the forum. And Vasil cooled my ardor donkihotski. He said almost the subsequent: "What do you reads me? Much I communicate with Russian officers, and never, except for a small Jewish writers, I did not feel compassion and understanding on their part."
A prevents treating us accordingly first Belarusian politics, today’s political behavior of structures. See, Ukraine Our homeland behavior such as Belarus, does not allow for yourself. That’s when we wait for its own sovereign Belarusian owner, nationally-conscious diplomatic structures that will meet national policy direction, then with Belarus will all be considered. We need to get rid of our Belarusian slavery. How can we get rid of it, so we will respect and understand in Russia. "
Scoble: "Until two years reversed in Moscow had to open the monument to Yanka Kupala, which is already installed on Kutuzov Avenue. But well worth it, Midsummer, solemnly, "is not open." Do you think — why? "
Galka: "This is the sore issue for me. We moved here as we could contribute to the implementation of our association davneshney dream — get Kupala monument in Moscow. But the beautiful monument two years reversing installed Midsummer looks at people, Muscovites go to the monument. That’s for you .. primordial confrontation — "the poet and" black. " Well, if this political "mob" begins to decide the fate of culture, it’s her problem. And that neither culture nor Midsummer no monument to him — do not darken. Maybe representatives of this political "rabble" from the Belarusian and Russian sides have not agreed and a year later, and after two and after 5 … It’s their business. And Yanka Kupala — Midsummer everlasting! — In Moscow, stands as a sign of pretty Unconquered and Belarus. "
Scoble: "You are at a good will issue a Moscow historical and literary almanac" Skarynich. "When to expect a new room?"
Galka: "Not Available for seven rooms, soon wait and eighth. At my age, as they say, plowing is not very profound, but it is necessary to conduct further furrow. "
Alexei daw. With new translations
With Malaniuk (UKRAINE)
Does it hurt? Bakes? Nothing terrible happened. Remember: Mazepa and Kulish, Well. Let the flame burns strong poem, rhyme and hurt — as a sacred knife. And you shiver. Hurt that did not grow together … About wounded unbearable step! And all around — sober chezne fall, And in some places whisper messenger, a prophet. Bitter taste on the lips we stitch as lechuschee means — to swallow their slave Russian nevpadman And — wings grow in cripples Lzhevladaru scuttles sleep with age And now — thick — razveyavsya fog. No, no. Suffer. Spade let down sadness — Winged Spirit flies over the sky. Give each drop of blood verb. Pray. Do it. Suffer. Suffer.
FROM Fyodor Tyutchev (Our Fatherland)
To no rake Layers taemnyya soul Suffering pain, the light of hope Keep away from people. Vaughn star glowing Night — On their surprised and silent.
How little heart vyzhlets self that others realize you? For you sick — whose fault? And the word was heard — heresy. Stream used to flow softly, They natalyaysya and silent.
After exclusively for you, mate. Eternal life from the depths of the source of light tends doom — It does not give it to mock And try to save, Beware of truth and be silent.
*** Do not fuss, do not jump to condemn you — you condemn, And wounds goyachy NIGHT MODE, ready for what will be.
Decently you have to go through depression, anxiety and satisfaction. What covet what grieve? Agoran day and — thank God.
Ales Kamotskii "HUMAN creatively most important words -" I wanted so much "
On the days of two poetry books immediately known bard Ales Kamotskii beheld the light. Use self-publishing "Radiola-plus" has released a collection of "48", which included his new poems and translations, photo Vadim Grudko. A publishing house issued municipal "Fiction" book "Depth rain" consists of selected works from the previous 3 books of poetr
y poet. Meet him, our correspondent Valentina Aksak.
Valentine Aksak "Depth rain" was published by the publishing house "Fiction" — a rare enough eyebrow fact, when the creator, in an impartial official coordinate system issue in the municipal publishing. Ales as for you do it? "
Ales Kamotskii: "They have offered and swiftly enough to make this book, which for me was too sudden. Incidentally, this proposal in my life first, if one desired to publish my work, and to this disc, and I gave the book without any benefits, only at their own expense. I am very pleased that someone drew attention to what I’m doing. "
Aksak: "This book made your old and new poems, in which the reader will not find works that called for a day or anger. Say, you made it so special — which is valuable municipal publisher, so to say, do not tease him?"
Kamotskii: "What’s the difference — state or non-state? Generally impossible to think in those terms. I do not like. If someone is aware of my work — it’s nice to me. I am pleased that someone sent a note on my poems and said," Come I’ll give the book for you. "
Aksak: "Alexander, you are a philosopher by training. And now the creator has five poetry books and music albums 7. Themselves whom you believe: a poet, bard, philosopher?"
Kamotskii "philosopher working in the specialty. I work where necessary. Philosopher — a person who does not have a degree and work where necessary".
Aksak: "As will be called your new music album?"
Kamotskii: "While the plan name" from the parent disk. "But oblong. Past I called briefly -" Smoke "," Home "," The Roof. "This album will include songs 1930-1960-ies of the last century, translated from Russian language . "
Aksak: "It’s an old Russian hits, how did you have such nostalgia for these things?"
Kamotskii: "It’s not nostalgia, and this is what I have, I wish it or not, have invested. Radio twisted these songs for a couple of times on the day, and I can not know them. Songs about the party of Lenin were also hammered in the head, but I jumped him once, and these so normally perceive. scared I like the Russian folk song "Dark Raven." I it differently translated, little deliberately gone out of view. This is not completely translated, since I Adapt content. If, say, I’m translating a landmark Japanese song "Sakura", then do it with 2-word translation, since I do not know Japanese. But I try to get used to the images, starting rice is (laughs). But I never transfer title as "Sakura", I translated as "Cherry", leaving the content and spirit of cherry smell. When I translate the song "Flying birds of passage," I can not write, "When I walked halfway around the world, Chagall with rifle in hand." I write: "In their own native Belarus, where every corner of the road."
Aksak: "You wrote the songs on their own poems you wrote songs based on poems by Gregory Baradulin and Vladimir Karatkevich other Belarusian poets. Now you approach the Russian hits of the past century. Does this mean that you will not find anything close to his own soul Belarusian poetry ? "
Kamotskii: "Here in general cause is not determined. Just at the moment I’m doing this. If I said that will follow — you are very taken aback … But I would not tell you. More I will not rehash other people’s songs. Once tried — I will not say that I did not like. But still finish it until the end. Along with this I do and its something. I believe that for a creative person the words "I so wanted to" — the main words. But if he pronounces them and zagadanoe fails to do — it’s a disaster for the creator. because I wanted to and I did. "
Anatoly Sidorevich. ABM our failure
Verb. 2007. Number 4 (29)
Now I’m not talking about the book — the next issue of the magazine "verb", first produced in September subscribers. And not about beletrystyku in this room, just his second part, which contains the literary, historical and journalistic materials. Either this age such that I tend to terrible prose, or such a fashion went, but then I start reading some magazines specifically their second half of True prose literature of facts.
Good own life I spent Smalyavichy, but somehow I was not able to meet with a local woman Leanilay Bortnik, which time graduated from the Vilna Belarusian school, a teacher during the war, and later came to the camp … All this Leanna Bortnyk knows in his own memoirs. We have a mutual friend was the creator — literary Dr. Nicholas Grinchik. With him as a teacher Leann Bortnyk during the war. And another thread leads to a general with the creator, as she — the daughter cvyatara Alexander Borodin, who in the 1920s served as the home of the archaeologist Misha Cherniavskii — Mjadelsky in the area, and later — in the village of Turets. In the Turkish church sang eminent Peter Groom (creator calls it Petya). If Groom read "Apostle", the sound of his voice up at the chandelier tinkled pendants. So wrote last parishioner Turkish church and school pupil Turkish Yanka Bryl. He wrote and Deacon Alexander Borodin …
That’s the way of memoirs Leanily Bortnyk that remembers young Janka Bryl, who, after the seven years came to Turets to their own teacher, Mrs Mary Pranevskay for books, I turn to the text Anatoly Kudryavtsev, "And the sun’s heat, and joy" with the subtitle "Memories of Yanka Bryl. " Specifically as follows: memory, not a memoir. About how the story "The inscription on the blockhouse," written in the "flame" and read in the famous Institutskiy hostel on Sverdlov Street, started a real Yanka Bryl Kudravtsova intrigued began Brylev impact on student filelyaga that kutsee through time and become a writer himself as they say, Brilevskoe school.
Remember, used to walking down the street Frunze in Minsk (House of Writers in or out of the house), Yanka Bryl necessarily knocked into one window, and the window was smiling, bearded face Nahum Kislika, poet and translator, who valued 2 — oh Naum — Korjavin. A Memoir of Nahum Kislika (not even a memoir, and references) wrote a third Naum — Tsypis.
To memuarnaga genre can be attributed certain Nile Gilevich essay published in this issue of "The Long Way Home." In general, the publication of the whole cycle of the essay "When curative water sources" Neil Gilevich started last, 3rd, issue of "Dzeyaslova" for this year. The poet expresses his (dare I say it) love to Vaclav Lastovsky th Pavluk Coward, the poet reflects on the fate of Arcadia languid carrot and destroyed by the Bolsheviks critic Adam Folk male mentions Stepan and share ideas about the work of his contemporaries — Stepan Gavruseva, Anatolia Vertinsky th Vasil Bykov.
Generally, Vasil Bykov "Verb" pays exclusive attention. So in this issue of the magazine printed a continuation of large fragments Sergei Shapran "Vasil Bykov. History of life in the documents, publications, memoirs, letters." Posted in the fourth issue of the story is titled "Operation" Krugloe bridge. "Readers can find out many details of the official campaign defamation, which began after the publication of the famous story writer. It was the second hit a Bykov. first started after, as in the "New World" appeared translate the story "Dead does not hurt." The apartment Vasily Bykov, who lived then in Grodno, thrashed glass …
In general, not on the 1st set against Vasil Bykov Grodno chiefs own people. I was given them as signs Alexey Karpyuk. On this and other of life Alexei Nikiforovitch tells the publication, "Most of all I love …" The text is subtitled "History Alexei Karpyuk." Agree genre such as the story of the writer, we have not yet had. And he was probably since it
took over the historian Andrew Vashkevich young man who Karpyuk Alexei did not personally know. Maybe Andrew slightly misses the definition of the genre, because it placed the material, in my opinion, is still drawing stories Alexei Karpyuk. And drawing bad . We impose that Andrew will continue its work.
Poet Nyaklyayeu took the job, which, in fact, must also make historians, literary historians. He wrote biographical sketches are popular. Specifically so he determined genre own publications "The Way" and "Through the woods, through the fate", written in the third and fourth books "Dzeyaslova." Poet wrote (speak out so) pieces of the lives of the Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. Maybe, as the poet wrote the texts, they do not look the same as essays as essays. Artistic element in them is strong enough. Maybe, as the poet wrote the text, not a historian, it also found evidence of impropriety.
It’s great that the poet writes a new pair of great texts of his predecessors, but can not help thinking about the misery of our literary history of science, and seventeen years after the opening of the archives and the lifting of the ban on the names and works have not been able to prepare a solid Lives of favorite Kupala and Kolas. On interrogation protocols, with hidden letters party bosses and NKVD. And I ask: what is on the obstacle — talent shortage or defect civilian and scientific courage?

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