In the regions, the police hunted for leaflets and newspapers

In Svetlahorsk scheduled 11 social pickets, but they were banned by the authorities. Because PKB activist Svetlana and Olga Mikhalchanka Jankovskaja went on the "Youth" market to porazdavat leaflets with information about the abolition of privileges. Olga Jankovskaja porazdavat managed only a few leaflets, as the ladies policemen came and took them to the police station. There they inspected the items and seized more than 300 leaflets. Later called the investigator and searched the apartment, where they live and Mrs. S.Mihalchanka V.Yankovskaya and found the seven leaflets. Mikhalchanka said:
"They opened the cupboards, raised the book, looked at all the rooms, all the drawers, cabinets, even the mezzanine, all which can be was open. Everywhere, in all the rooms looked. Where books lay newspapers, they browsed through these books. "
One of the participants refused to explain the search by calling their actions Liberty correspondent. Policemen drew up protocols and gone.
S.Mihalchanki on her and Olga Jankowski blamed an administrative offense, distributing unregistered printed materials. But leaflets had output.
In Pukhovichi Maringorskaya at the central market, police detained and later released activist Sergei Obrazovskogo PKB. He spread a newspaper "Comrade." Some time He was kept in police PUKHOVICHY:
"They are there for a long time walking, conferred. Later I brought the act of withdrawal of the newspaper, allegedly in order to learn its origin. Whereupon let me go. When I came out, I had the phone disconnected. Within an hour, I could not call anyone and I could not either. Maybe you need to "Wellcome" submit to the tribunal? "
In Zhlobin seven pickets were banned by the authorities. Now activists PKB police were not allowed to hand out leaflets against cancellation of privileges. Valery Rybchenko said that there were no arrests:
"Not only had 500 pieces porazdavat in various places. When we came to the mini-market," Sunny ", a little here and there porazdavali KGBshniki, precinct. Later we calculated around the market for about 20 plainclothes policemen. With one I talked and he said that we an order not to give the ability to hand out leaflets. And we will do that order. "
After which activists and finished leafleting.
In Brest, only one picket was allowed by the authorities — at the stadium "Locomotive". Gathered a few 10’s of people. They kept the slogans "Children, the disabled, students and retired persons — preserving social guarantees", "Hands off social safeguards for children, students, seniors." During the picket held collecting signatures, Activists distributed newspaper "Comrade" and leaflets "In five million Belarusians seized funds and the right to protection."

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