In the U.S., ongoing debate about FATE Assault A-10

In the U.S., ongoing debate about FATE Assault A-10
Senator Kelly Ayott (Kelly Ayotte, a Republican senator from New Hampshire, top), block the approval process for the post of Minister of the Air Force Deborah Lee James (Deborah Lee James, across the bottom photo), said that as long as the candidate does not give a clear answer about the ability of / impossibility of reducing fleet attack aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt, it can not be approved for this position, Defense News reported on September 25.

Ayott, whose husband was the pilot of the A-10, raised the issue on September 19 during a hearing in the Committee on Armed Services Committee in the Senate. She highlighted that the stormtroopers in July this year to save the lives of 60 assist U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and opposes the output of the A-10 U.S. Air Force without replacing their functions. «She (James) does not have to read that will keep the A-10, but it should explain to us that in the case of their withdrawal will not break in the fighting abilities of the Air Force, which can lead to death of the U.S. military on the battlefield,» said Ayott.

In response, James claimed that no final decision on the A-10 does not, but as told Defense News sources from the Air Force, the issue of withdrawal of the entire fleet of A-10 out of service due to reductions in military spending.

Chapter Combat Command U.S. Air Force Gen. Mike Hostidzh (Mike Hostage) stated that «in the standard I would have had 1000 A-10, but at the moment it is unreal. I have reduced the entire park, but would preserve the infrastructure. » He echoed the Air Force Chief of Staff Mark Walsh (Mark Welsh) and Acting Minister for the Air Force Eric Fanning (Eric Fanning), allowing the possibility of decommissioning entire aircraft types. «Nothing has been decided yet. We’re trying to protect several major programs, and we are looking for ways to save money, «said Fanning.

Formally nominated on August 1 as Minister of Air Force Deborah Lee James will be the second in the history of the lady to head the Air Force. Currently, she is president of technology and engineering sector company Science Applications International Corp, previously served as assistant defense minister (1993-1998 years).

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